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a foreign policy of staying out of other countries' disputes

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What is more, it is seen as a core issue in the Global North-Global South divide; the former are generally seen as the champions of human rights while the latter are cast as champions of nonintervention, which is invoked to gain immunity from Western criticism of their human rights abuses.
In summary, noninterference is no longer a catch-all resolution for ASEAN, and many cases of nonintervention analyzed in this book have had destructive consequences; however, there may be less-destructive alternatives to noninterference.
The study design was a parallel group design of nurseries: 1 intervention group and 1 nonintervention group.
A Few Words on Mill, Walzer, and Nonintervention," Ethics & International Affairs 23 (Winter 2009): 349-369.
Thus, the book also examines the creative and critical ways these populations engaged the idealized tenets of Pan Americanism--mutual cooperation, egalitarianism, and nonintervention between nation-states--in order to strengthen Haiti's social, economic, and political growth and stability.
This chapter discusses its application in nonintervention research involving dangerous and illegal behaviors.
Nonintervention has been a particularly important and occasionally disturbing principle for liberal scholars, such as John Stuart Mill and Michael Walzer, who share a commitment to basic and universal human rights.
Nurses may be more effective at getting students to have favorable attitudes toward HIV prevention measures by themselves than with the help of the children's parents, according to a study conducted in three urban secondary schools in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria--one in which nurses conducted an HIV/AIDS prevention intervention for students, one in which students' parents received an education seminar before participating with nurses in the prevention intervention, and a nonintervention control.
The application of the norms of international peace and security, nonintervention, humanitarian and human rights laws, and relevant customary rules of arms control are considered.
This collection of articles covers a wide range of information and corrects a great deal of misinformation about child and juvenile criminals, covering the statistics the public does not know, the trends in juvenile offending and vicitimization, the connection between home life and street life, gangs, sex offending, teen male behaviors, alcohol and drugs, fire setting, weapons, cyberspace, parental responsibility, mental illness, cultural barriers, justice reform, sentencing, transfers to adult courts, restorative justice, probation, confinement based on race, faith-based intervention, search and seizure, the death penalty, rehabilitation, radical nonintervention, and the worth of public v.
While State Department policy regarding nonintervention prevented Ambassador Smith from providing support to the Batista government, the State Department looked the other way while pre-Castro groups operated freely in Miami.
I have always believed that when I allow someone close to me to engage in genetically predisposed behavior, I am engaging in pacifism, or at best, a policy of nonintervention.
Like other historians sympathetic to the Popular Front, Helen Graham argues that the Republic offered courageous and "superhuman" resistance to the pro-Axis Nationalist forces, but the great democracies' refusal of aid and their nonintervention policy ultimately doomed it.