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such that the terms of an expression cannot be interchanged without changing the meaning

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Included in the Safety/Monitoring section is information on therapeutic drug levels, monitoring parameters, noninterchangeable forms, and pregnancy and lactation information.
On the other hand, historians, sociologists, philologists, and theologians are, as already noted, in every case noninterchangeable individuals.
Once "matched," the two components are noninterchangeable.
A distinguishing feature of more complex entities is heterogeneity among their component parts, and measures of that heterogeneity are the degree to which these parts are noninterchangeable, and the degree to which they can be displaced or lost entirely without substantially altering the whole.
Species adapt and speciate, and both of these functions would be profoundly impaired by a degree of complexity that rendered parts either noninterchangeable or indispensable.
If you buy a scope with a noninterchangeable eyepiece, go with a zoom.
The resulting mixture was dried at 60[degrees]C for a given time (more than 2 h) until ICP penetrated into the PVC matrix sufficiently, and then used to prepare the PVC/ICP composites in a Haake torque rheometer equipped with an electrically heated mixing head and two noninterchangeable rotors.