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not having granules

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Apoptosis is also measured for the first time in lobster hemocytes in higher proportion in nongranular hemocytes than in granular hemocytes.
Nongranular hemocytes have not been observed in Limulus, but the singly-pointed granular cells constituted ~1%-8% of the population in 10 animals examined, with a few doubly-pointed ones in some (Table 1).
The outer granular layer is as thick as the immediately underlying nongranular layer until about 32 weeks.
Nongranular portions of cytoplasm and agranular amebocytes were not stained by either chemical.
28,29) Similar to astrocytomas with nongranular cytology, these tumors may also harbor TP53 mutations, high-frequency loss of heterozygosity at 9p, 10q, and 17p, and less frequent loss of heterozygosity at 1p and 19q.
Most neurites observed within individual bundles of myonemes had densely granular vesicles, although occasional groups of nongranular vesicles were present.
He has also pointed out that this scarcity of the emigration pictures of nongranular leukocytes, which has been looked on as one of the strong proofs against the hematogenous origin of the polyblasts, pertains equally to the special granulated leukocytes whose hematogenous origin cannot be doubted.