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Synonyms for nonfunctional

not having or performing a function

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not performing or able to perform its regular function

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The majority of patients with NET (72%) have nonfunctional NET, which are characterized by symptoms caused by tumor growth, such as intestinal obstruction, pain and bleeding for GI NET, and asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia for lung NET.
The clinical presentation of paragangliomas ranges from local pressure symptoms, especially in the case of nonfunctional tumours to symptoms related to the systemic effects of secreted cathecholamines and their metabolites in functional tumours.
In Section 3, we present a framework for modelling nonfunctional requirements interdependencies with neutrosophic logic.
The final diagnosis was nonfunctional endocrine carcinoma of the pancreas (T2N1M0, stage IIB).
Nonfunctional cysts are more common and the majority of patients, nearly 91%, have nonfunctioning cysts (5).
Permitting taxpayers that must translate foreign income payments to use the exchange rate in effect on the date they pay the taxes, provided the foreign taxes are denominated in a nonfunctional currency.
JAL had a similar maintenance problem last July, forcing another passenger plane to land at a domestic airport with its engine thrust reverser nonfunctional.
In his first solo exhibition in Saint Petersburg--comprising large cardboard sculptures, fourteen maquettelike models, and four paintings--Koshlyakov depicts classical and contemporary building forms using materials like Scotch tape, embossed cardboard, and wood so that they appear not timeless or functional but ephemeral and nonfunctional.
Friendly or protective adults are virtually nonexistent; the main character's mother, writes Feinberg, is dead, missing, or nonfunctional.
Because most papillary carcinomas are nonfunctional and findings on radiography are nonspecific, fine-needle aspiration plays an important role in the initial evaluation of any thyroid nodule and as a guide to subsequent therapy.
permit an election not to use the average exchange rate for foreign tax paid in a nonfunctional currency;
The vast majority of these sequences are identical only because the two species had a common ancestor not all that long ago in evolutionary terms, and there hasn't been enough time for any nonfunctional sequences to diverge from each other.
Ten to 15 years ago it was hard to get people to use [dopamine agonist] drugs in place of surgery Now, everyone is using them as first-line therapy, and sometimes we go overboard treating nonfunctional tumors," said Dr.
In other words, you can move a spreadsheet to your handheld, work on it, and resynchronize and cells that were nonfunctional on the handheld (you can still read them) will come back properly calculated and formatted.
He wants to refute not the idea that government is bad or nonfunctional in the present, but the idea that suspicion of government was a founding principle of the United States, deeply woven into the fabric of the country.