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plants having vascular tissue and reproducing by spores

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The nonflowering plants, including the bryophytes, ferns, and gymnosperms, account for about 40,000 living species.
In August, the DOE's Joint Genome Institute named one of the latter species, Physcomitrella patens, to be among the first nonflowering plants targeted for sequencing.
Variegated Tapioca joins another colorful nonblooming annual, Supersun Coleus, as one of only two nonflowering plants in the program, thanks to its inherent showiness and heat-, drought-, and pest-resistance.
He and his colleagues checked QuickSCAT's data against records of mosses and other nonflowering plants that grow in 27 spots in the far reaches of the Southern Hemisphere.
Although no article was submitted on this topic for publication, we can offer a few remarks, A strict definition of inflorescence as a aggregation of flowers eliminates possession of inflorescences from all nonflowering plants, However, if an inflorescence is more loosely defined as a cluster or aggregation of sexually reproductive structures, one can then look for homologies between flowering and nonflowering plants.
But thermogenesis goes back much farther than this, for it also occurs in cycads, nonflowering plants that arose in the Paleozoic.
Early development of the axillary complex seems to be the same in flowering and nonflowering plants.
Meticulous microscopic examinations of the primitive seeds of a desert shrub commonly known as "Mormon tea" have yielded new evidence concerning the evolutionary link between flowering and nonflowering plants.
The word, which literally means "having hidden reproductive cells," describes nonflowering plants, such as mosses, that appear in some of the crusts.