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Synonyms for nonflowering

without flower or bloom and not producing seeds


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Stem borers girdled the upper part of 80% of the nonflowering and 98% of the flowering stems in the transect.
A nonflowering land plant phylogeny inferred from nucleotide sequences of seven chloroplast, mitochondrial, and nuclear genes.
The fresh nonflowering aerial part of Mayodendron igneum Kurz, Bignoniaceae, was collected from Giza Zoo of Egypt in June 2008.
gerardii are difficult to discern from the literature, and remnants of their populations may often be suppressed in nonflowering condition by encroaching woods.
Western flower thrips (Thryanoptera: Thripidae) effects on chrysanthemum cultivars: plant growth and leaf scarring in nonflowering plants.
Although they are evolutionarily younger than their nonflowering relatives, the flowering plants--aka the angiosperms--are far more successful, conquering every continent and diversifying into some 250,000 species.
Its surface, covered with a foot of dirt, was planted with nonflowering strawberry, blue fescue and creeping thyme--plants that can help cool the building on Sacramento's notorious 100degree days, buffer urban noise, and clean the atmosphere.
EXPERT TIP: The foliage of this nonflowering variety of lamb's ears is a more intense shade of silver than the flowering varieties.
The nonflowering plants, including the bryophytes, ferns, and gymnosperms, account for about 40,000 living species.
For nonflowering plants to add color to landscapes, baskets, and planters, try the Blazin' Lime Iresine.
Because reduced intake from spring grazing of orchardgrass is related to heading, nonflowering or sparse-flowering germplasm might provide an alternative solution to this problem (Peterson et al.
Cuttings should be taken from nonflowering shoots in August and kept somewhere suitably cool.
Groundcovers can be woody or herbaceous, flowering or nonflowering, trailing or compact.