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impossible to ignite

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Krytox dry-film lubricants offer semi-permanent release properties in a variety of plastic and rubber molding applications and provide a highly nonstick surface, which is chemically inert, nonflammable, and thermally stable to 500 F.
The FAA has stated that the task force report will be one of many viewpoints it considers before making a decision about whether to require airlines to pump aircraft fuel tanks with nonflammable gases.
Use nonflammable roofing materials, and regularly inspect your roof for gaps.
Newman Corporation supplies Extruded Teflon(r) tubing in plain, corrugated and convoluted styles for a variety of medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications requiring a chemically inert and nonflammable material.
Soon after the invention of CFCs in 1928, companies started mass-producing these nontoxic, nonflammable compounds for use as refrigerants and then for myriad other purposes.
1930 Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are hailed as safe refrigerants because they are nontoxic and nonflammable.
The product emits no odor, is nonflammable, and meets or exceeds all VOC requirements, the company says.
One is an innovative, non-explosive and nonflammable "self-rescue" unit that provides oxygen for two hours.
Flower clumps and shrubs should be separated, on every side, by 20 feet of nonflammable mulch such as gravel or colored stones.
It is nonflammable (fire-resistance categories MI and BI) and easy to maintain.
is an alcohol-free, nonflammable product that has a universal kill time of 10 minutes or less on TB, HBV, HIV, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, and E.
Nonflammable Frekote S-50 can be diluted with water at a wide range of ratios to offer maximum multiple release capabilities, according to the company.
Johnston, a chemical engineer at the University of Texas at Austin, "but it is also nonflammable, essentially nontoxic, and the least expensive solvent after water.
SF6 has unique properties -- such as being nonflammable -- that make it superior to other materials for substation insulation.
Sanswire's airship will be built with a rigid frame - like the famous pre-World War II German Zeppelins - covered with a smooth outer skin and containing dozens of flexible interior compartments into which nonflammable helium would be pumped to alter its buoyancy.