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The term cross-fictionality will be proposed to further clarify the interchange between the artistic and the everyday in narratives, where fictional modes of mind representation travel outside of the realm of fiction and are combined with a nonfictional frame of reference.
Pirkis J, Blood RW Suicide and the media: reportage of nonfictional data.
Edyta Bojanowska's analysis of "The Duel" (with mentions of Chekhov's nonfictional text on Sakhalin) is very perceptive, but I would take issue with her forgiving assessment of Chekhov's trip to Sakhalin that I analyzed in an article of my own, coming to the conclusion that even the gentle Chekhov turns out to be substantially blind to the evils of colonialism.
Rather, it was how the framing on both sides reduced the debate down to pointillist disputes over individual facts, thereby bypassing genuinely difficult issues about the relation of narrative form to the construction of nonfictional authority.
These scholars and thinkers explore Wallace's philosophical and literary work, illustrating remarkable ways in which his philosophical views influenced and were influenced by themes developed in his other writings, both fictional and nonfictional.
At first sight, the term "graphic novel" implies that all content in this literary/artistic genre is fictional, but as currently used the term covers nonfictional works as well.
It is creative nonfictional work divided into 11 chapters representing 11 years of the turning point of Singapore's postcolonial history.
The collection of essays constitutes a major contribution to Calvino's nonfictional oeuvre.
For while Brink's political position in his nonfictional writing and interviews was characteristically impeccable, his fiction is always invariably replete with paradoxes.
The poems are also timely: as American pop culture seems to celebrate teen TV witches in lipstick and heels, Bolden's book hits the reader hard at its conclusion with nonfictional notes and resources for further reading about these abused, mysterious women.
It's an uncanny impersonation and, quite astonishingly, the first nonfictional character the actor has portrayed onscreen.
What separates feature films from documentaries is that the latter comprise of a broad category of nonfictional motion pictures which document some aspect of reality.
By his own admission, he would rather write fiction than essays, but in the pieces collected in Distrust That Particular Flavor, he shows great range--and, occasionally, the limits of his nonfictional chops (which he freely admits to in the notes to those pieces).
For the Time Being (1999), the last of Dillard's full-length nonfictional works to see publication, strikes me as particularly anguished in its Job-like questioning and represents, as such, a work reluctant to claim any sort of doctrinally settled affirmation.
Kaplan, producer and director of the South African nonfictional film Between Joyce and Remembrance, responding to Nathan.