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prose writing that is not fictional

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This volume offers a theory of childrenAEs nonfiction and examines its form, what its form reveals about the genreAEs ideologies, and how it asks readers to engage in nonlinear thinking.
BHC Press understand this and supports my work in both the fiction and nonfiction arenas.
Rog is convinced that children can learn how to write nonfiction pieces in addition to writing stories of their own.
Indeed, I will argue here that the very idea of conjoining these two categories challenges us because Noir takes as its premise an epistemological doubt seemingly anathema to nonfiction as a category.
As something of an afterword to this special journal issue, allow me to extrapolate further on the category of creative nonfiction, note its relations to the subject matter of religion, and continue some thoughts that Brook Wilensky-Lanford began in her introduction above.
Renaissance Learning reports that boys' nonfiction reading peaks in 4th and 5th grade: About 30% of their reading time is devoted to nonfiction texts.
Food lit; a reader's guide to epicurean nonfiction.
Gutkind defined creative nonfiction as a genre that involves "using scenes, dialogue, description, first-person points of view, all the tools available to the fiction writers while consistently attempting to be truthful and factual.
The club was formed to help promote the library's special collection of nonfiction books known as Reading Diversions, books written in an informative and entertaining way.
THE ELEMENTS OF NARRATIVE NONFICTION: HOW TO WRITE & SELL THE NOVEL OF TRUE EVENTS shows how to build a compelling story line into a nonfiction effort, separating the idea of fancy from fact and guiding writers on how to blend journalistic research with narrative writing's techniques.
Your response to this manifesto is likely to determine how you'll respond to creative nonfiction in general.
A new 'Making the Nonfiction Connection' Grant programme for educators has been launched by educational publisher Heinemann-Raintree.
Bowker announced that it has released Non-Fiction Connection, a comprehensive readers' advisory tool for nonfiction titles.
NGS's educational publishing activities include a range of nonfiction products for the classroom, including "National Geographic Explorer," a curriculum-based magazine for teachers and students in over 50,000 classrooms.