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not explosive


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In contrast to the linearized model, we can show that there is a continuum of nonexplosive equilibria.
The causes of injury were penetrating trauma (70% of cases), thermal insults (20%), and explosive and nonexplosive blasts (9%).
According to Patterson, the detectors are capable of identifying the presence of trace amounts of explosives and other nonexplosive materials that have properties similar to explosives, such as perfumes that can be used to mask the odor of homemade explosives.
Besides supporting the idea that fragmentation can occur during nonexplosive volcanic eruptions, these observations offer a scenario for the formation of banded obsidian, Manga notes.
0], the unique nonexplosive rational-expectations equilibrium consistent with the policy commitment solves the optimization problem stated above.
And each authority simultaneously makes the projected paths of inflation and the output gap (the target variables) satisfy the attainment of a unique, nonexplosive, rational-expectations equilibrium.
The package was subsequently found to be nonexplosive,Dyfed Powys Police said.
Should a container ship be fatally damaged at sea, not only would the ship's entire cargo be lost but hundreds, or even thousands, of buoyant or semibuoyant containers could break loose from the sinking ship and form a giant floating minefield, albeit a nonexplosive one, endangering all ships and craft nearby, perhaps for months.
Nonexplosive, runny lava flowing over a large area may result in a shield volcano.
This implies that the shore whalers from Maine participated during the latter part of their fishery (which ended about 1860--see Table 3) in the transition from hand-thrown, nonexplosive harpoons to explosive projectiles generally associated with the mechanical whaling era.
It is also nonexplosive, nonflammable, and relatively chemically inert; therefore, it can be stored without preservative (1-4).
Nonlethal weapons are generally nonexplosive as well and tend not to cause irreparable damage.
Currently, on a 7,000-acre zone called the Northern Impact Area, artillery gunners pound targets, planes strafe the land, and tanks fire nonexplosive slugs.
People fail to recognize that when you're flashing water, you can turn up the temperatures because water is nonflammable and nonexplosive.
For the rest of the shift, we sprayed the inside of the mine with powdered limestone, to dilute the coal dust and make it nonexplosive.