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not explosive


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First, we derive conditions for a nonexplosive equilibrium and find that for all values of debt the marginal response of the primary surplus to debt should be larger than the one proposed by Bohn (1998).
210]Po dispersed into many areas of London became, in effect, a nonexplosive "dirty" bomb.
Radiological dispersal devices (RDDs) may be explosive-driven--a dirty bomb--or use nonexplosive means like a crop duster airplane.
In linearized models these policy rules were shown to guarantee a locally unique nonexplosive equilibrium.
They dropped leaflets and used last-minute, so-called "Knock on the Roof" measures, in which a small nonexplosive missile was fired at a building, telling the inhabitants to get out, because bombing was imminent.
Later investigation determined it was a replica made with nonexplosive parts.
The Coast Guard has experimented with nonexplosive devices for fouling propulsion or steering systems, including both surface-and air-delivered entanglement systems.
Another thing to be aware of is that these reactive materials are nonexplosive, which make them safe to handle.
Under Connecticut General Statute 29-357, any person age 16 or older can buy, sell and use handheld and ground-based sparkling devices that are nonexplosive and nonaerial and do not contain more than 100 grams of pyrotechnic mixture.
The causes of injury were penetrating trauma (70% of cases), thermal insults (20%), and explosive and nonexplosive blasts (9%).
According to Patterson, the detectors are capable of identifying the presence of trace amounts of explosives and other nonexplosive materials that have properties similar to explosives, such as perfumes that can be used to mask the odor of homemade explosives.
Besides supporting the idea that fragmentation can occur during nonexplosive volcanic eruptions, these observations offer a scenario for the formation of banded obsidian, Manga notes.
0], the unique nonexplosive rational-expectations equilibrium consistent with the policy commitment solves the optimization problem stated above.
And each authority simultaneously makes the projected paths of inflation and the output gap (the target variables) satisfy the attainment of a unique, nonexplosive, rational-expectations equilibrium.
The slurry offers important handling and safety benefits because it is nonexplosive and less flammable than fuel oil.