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an anticipated event that turns out to be far less significant than was expected

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12, 2012 will be the biggest nonevent since Y2K," Prior explained.
It's a nonevent that just keeps the stockholders from doing anything,'' he said.
The fear is that we are being pulled into a celebration with no basis, a celebration of a nonevent,'' said Msgr.
This type of orchestrated nonevent - Beecroft doppelgangers placed in a given situation with imposed limitations - has become the model for this artist's work.
Bush was such a turgid nonevent - both intentionally and unwittingly.
County officials were so confident that Y2K was a nonevent that they deactivated the Emergency Operations Center on Sunday night, a full day early.
We actually had a team that came in on Saturday, but it was a nonevent,'' Clark said.
We were pretty confident this would be a nonevent for our customers.
We believe it will turn out to be a nonevent, but you can't leave anything to chance.
Babs' babbling was done Wednesday and the network will release transcripts next week when it comes closer to promoting the nonevent.
Jim Baker, owner of Computer Repair Center in Canoga Park, said precaution turned what could have been a disaster into a nonevent.
The session, one of the year's slowest, was mostly a nonevent, the only broad factor being today's key Fed meeting on interest rate policy.
On Monday, Wall Street treated the suit as a nonevent, with the company's stock rising 62.
The events in question extend from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the Gulf War to the attacks on the World Trade Center but include as well the daily events, the psychic events, the nonevents often overlooked by the worlds of art and information alike-housing, rural life, immigration, biogenetics, gender relations, prisons, and so on.
At that time, Levitt said he had difficulty accepting that some so-called nonevents simply don't matter "in markets where missing an earnings projection by a penny can result in a loss of millions of dollars in market capitalization.