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filled by appointment rather than by election

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If the plan permits, employers can contribute a percentage of each employee's compensation to the employee's account (a nonelective contribution) or can, within certain limits, match the amount of employees' elective deferrals or do both.
7) The majority of c-sections performed are nonelective, and of these, postoperative infections occur in 12% of women who receive standard prophylaxis.
Unplanned surgeries occurred in 64% of the nonelective admissions.
457(b) matching and nonelective contributions treated as wages subject to FICA and FUTA, usually when they vest, but they also are usually counted toward the Sec.
Although it would be disastrous even for a moment to believe that the country could be run without bureaucrats, it is ironical that in spite of the knowledge that the bureaucracy is a body of nonelective government officials which is meant to implement the policies of the elected government, we are in a hurry to blame bureaucratic corruption for all the nation's woes.
By contrast, matching contributions and nonelective contributions are excluded from wages for purposes of Social Security tax and federal unemployment tax; they are not subject to FICA or FUTA withholding.
9-fold increased death risk in SLE patients undergoing nonelective THR or TKR, typically because of a fracture.
There was also a decrease in PCI volume in late 2007 among patients in the AMI and Other Diagnosis, Nonelective group.
Additionally, employers must make either matching contributions or nonelective contributions.
Taxpayer Consistency in Nonelective Contexts Where State Tax Law Conforms to Federal Tax Law
I would however caution that we shouldn't yet extrapolate these results to other clinical contexts, in particular, women who have high risk for pain, prior pain, a nonelective primary cesarean delivery, or women [operated on] with different surgical techniques," she added.
The researchers obtained data on discharge diagnoses following nonelective hospital admissions (e.
Lowering salaries would take the pressure off legislators to treat electoral office as a full-time job, restore a notion of citizen-legislator, and give lawmakers the freedom to spend time and energy nurturing their nonelective professional lives.
Nonelective or trauma surgeries often require additional spinal structural support, which is when the T2 Altitude is used.
That regulation aggregates deferred compensation arrangements of the same one of eight "types," that is, elective deferrals to account balance plans, nonelective deferrals to account balance plans, nonaccount balance plans, separation pay plans, in-kind benefits and reimbursements, split-dollar life insurance arrangements, modified foreign earned income arrangements, and stock rights plans.