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not restricted to a particular religious denomination

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Willamette Valley Gospel Sing - The free, nondenominational singalong will be hosted from 7 p.
Word of God Christian Academy is a nondenominational Christian based educational school founded by Dr.
The Jewish spectrum includes Hasidic, Conservative, Modern Orthodox, Reconstructionist, Reform, and Yeshivish Jews, as well as nondenominational Jews, Jews with no religion, people who consider themselves "partially Jewish," and Jews with another religion.
Internet Pulpit is a brand new nondenominational resource providing free helpful and encouraging material for these dark and depressing days and individuals are warmly invited to visit the website at www.
Former horse trader Lawrence Bishop and his wife founded the 4,000-member, nondenominational church.
Though It makes them for all denominations and for nondenominational churches, its biggest customers are Catholic churches.
12 declined to intervene in a case that upholds a city council's policy of requiring any prayers before government meetings be nondenominational.
DESCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS: Coordinating and creating elegant wedding ceremonies for interfaith and nondenominational couples, taking into consideration their specialized wants and desires.
Favorable % Unfavorable % Baptist 55 21 Methodist 54 28 Evangelical/Pentecostal 68 11 Nondenominational 60 13 Progressive theology 55 22 Moderate Theology 46 27 Conservative Theology 70 13 SOURCE: JOINT CENTER FOR POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC STUDIES Why do you view the Faith-Based Initiative unfavorably?
Registered in Canada as a nondenominational, bilingual, non profit organization, the Centre will have an independent Board of Directors made up of leading Canadians and other high-profile international figures.
Guidelines to curtail religious coercion and proselytizing within the Air Force and Navy (issued in 2005 in the wake of the 2004 Air Force scandal) were rescinded, as part of a payoff so Congress would remove a controversial provision in the National Defense Authorization Act that would have permitted chaplains to offer sectarian prayer at mandatory nondenominational military events.
Nondenominational mega-churches are booming, building shopping centers, coffee shops, gymnasiums, and swimming pools, while many humble Lutheran churches struggle to remain alive.
McKinney's book is enlightening because she applies an impressive background in conflict management--she has worked with the Harvard Negotiation Project and served as a monitor for the first democratic election in El Salvador--to common issues that divide African American churches, such as female leadership, homosexuality and the move toward nondenominational "megachurches" Recognizing that conflict is a necessary and potentially productive component of a relationship, McKinney offers strategies that allow voices to be heard, fears to be allayed, and people to demonstrate their faith in God.
In her submission to mMinisters, she said: "I do not accept the assertion that the ethos of church schools is somehow superior to that of nondenominational schools where staff show just as much love and professional dedication.