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The changes are cyclical and noncyclical and are taking place against a backdrop of a shrinking market, due in part to the Great Recession when cargo volumes sank and shipowners tied up their ships.
While the four prior debt instruments address cyclical working capital needs, term loans can finance medium-term noncyclical working capital.
Such noncyclical processes are often considered to be only slightly measurable and/or improvable, but methods are presented here that can accomplish this goal.
Noncyclical sectors operate in good times and bad times, and do not veer away from their core activities," Afghani said.
The discussion in the previous section suggests that industry employment growth, in addition to having a tong-term average, can be described by two additional components: a cyclical component and an idiosyncratic component that reflects other noncyclical factors.
individualized and noncyclical nature of reasons for mortgage defaults,
Global size, broad international presence, deep vertical integration and a strong focus on the innovative and noncyclical packaging business are solid foundations for LSB future growth and profitability in this new era, which shareholders have just endorsed.
s in sectors corresponding to noncyclical industries are generally greater than those corresponding to cyclical industries.
However, while the economic climate is important, our industry is somewhat insensitive to macroeconomic conditions because of its emphasis on the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, the noncyclical influence of government and academia spending, and specialty investments, such as environmental regulations and healthcare initiatives.
This result may reflect the fact that many food items are noncyclical normal goods, with relatively low-income elasticities of demand.
Pallavi Latthe and colleagues at the University of Birmingham (England) evaluated 122 studies that examined dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, and noncyclical pelvic pain, including recurrent pelvic pain.
Pallavi Latthe and colleagues at the University of Birmingham, England, evaluated 122 studies that examined dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, and noncyclical pelvic pain, including recurrent pelvic pain.
However, the recent decline, and even its acceleration, began well before the 2001 recession, suggesting other, noncyclical, contributors (such as changes in preferences) to the decline.
In the second year of a bull market cycle, investors are looking more for noncyclical stocks to begin outperforming the cyclicals, says Federico Sanchez, senior vice president and head of new business in Florida for Fiduciary Trust, a subsidiary of Franklin Templeton Investments.
In an historical context, interpenetration involves a non-linear and noncyclical view of culture, in which many different social phenomena mirror each other and are intertwined in a non-teleological progression.