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So far, our discussion has highlighted the noncyclical role of slow TFP growth and declining participation in explaining slow output growth.
ThisUKequity income fund, managed by Neil Woodford, holds a portfolio with a strong bias towards defensive, noncyclical, businesses," says Gilligan.
The "strong" business profile of Becton Dickinson is supported by its leading position in the medical products market, its low-cost production, wide distribution network and extensive portfolio of noncyclical product lines generating solid recurring cash flow.
Cyclical and noncyclical changes promise to turn the marine market inside out-- and genera//y for the better.
IPE Global is a noncyclical business and has a strong order book - orders had increased through the global economic downturn," said Rahul Bhargava, Henderson's Singapore-based Principal who helped set up Henderson's India private equity franchise 10 years ago.
While the four prior debt instruments address cyclical working capital needs, term loans can finance medium-term noncyclical working capital.
Such noncyclical processes are often considered to be only slightly measurable and/or improvable, but methods are presented here that can accomplish this goal.
First, noncyclical revenue and expenditure are projected by making them grow at the rate of growth of nominal potential output.
Noncyclical sectors operate in good times and bad times, and do not veer away from their core activities," Afghani said.
A commitment to the multi-annual spending limits adopted in May 2007 covering noncyclical central government spending.
The discussion in the previous section suggests that industry employment growth, in addition to having a tong-term average, can be described by two additional components: a cyclical component and an idiosyncratic component that reflects other noncyclical factors.
individualized and noncyclical nature of reasons for mortgage defaults,
Global size, broad international presence, deep vertical integration and a strong focus on the innovative and noncyclical packaging business are solid foundations for LSB future growth and profitability in this new era, which shareholders have just endorsed.
Medical offices and other types of healthcare real estate are expected to weather soft economic conditions better than other property types due to the recession-resistant, noncyclical nature of healthcare demand among consumers.
With shoppers needing to stock up regularly on consumables, the industry has a relatively noncyclical profile, he points out.