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Synonyms for noncyclic

not cyclic

not having repeated cycles

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Important products of this industry include: noncyclic organic chemicals; solvents; polyhydric alcohols; synthetic perfume and flavoring materials; rubber processing chemicals; plasticizers; synthetic tanning agents; chemical warfare gas; and esters, amines, etc.
extensions to nonadiabatic [3], noncyclic and nonunitary [4], and nonpure [9, 10] geometric phases have been made.
Thaler and de Brevil (49) attempted to determine the mechanism of sulfonation reactions on another model of noncyclic olefins such as 3-hexene, 1-butene (II), and cyclic olefins such as cyclopentene, dihydrodicyclopentadiene, ethylidene cyclopentene, and ethylidene cyclohexane (III) in 13C-NMR studies.
Since government tends to be a noncyclic industry, Helena's economy is more cushioned than most during a recession.
She utilized a widely accepted instrument for pain assessment--the McGill Pain Questionnaire--in 134 women who presented with cyclic mastalgia and 152 others with noncyclic mastalgia.
Therefore, structure (B) was proposed because it contains the noncyclic anhydride group and the -CO- bonds to which the observed absorption may be assigned.
The high-resolution 13C NMR spectra in a solid body confirm the possibility of the formation of structures with noncyclic anhydride groups.
Since both are noncyclic, this explains the mildness of the recessions.
Helena has a stable economy dominated by state and federal governments - both noncyclic industries.
The two largest components of its economic base are state and federal government, both of which are traditionally noncyclic.
The traumatic events in mining and smelting have left the Butte-Anaconda area with a diverse economic base built on stable and noncyclic industries.