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not cyclic

not having repeated cycles

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001) 6 Allen and Decreased caffeine consumption did Froberg [16] not result in a significant reduction of palpable breast nodules or in a lessening of breast pain/tenderness Nonpharmacological studies 7 Lori [70] A randomized-controlled trial may be warranted to evaluate the effect of acupuncture on noncyclic breast pain and the optimal frequency of acupuncture treatments 8 Yarkin; Appl Res Psychoeducation was effective in Qual Life 2013 reducing pain and increasing the quality of life Table 2: Summary of published articles in yoga and stress S.
Two new research summaries on treatment options for noncyclic chronic pelvic pain (CPP) are now available from the Effective Health Care Program of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.
The mild local recession impacts also can be attributed to other noncyclic components of the economic base.
Breast pain that is not associated with the menstrual cycle is called noncyclic mastalgia.
It must be compared, referred to some other cyclic or noncyclic process, to be seen as temporal' (TD i97).
Wallis (1969), Robustness of the rescaled range R/S in the measurement of noncyclic long-run statistical dependence, Water Resources Research, 5, 967-988.
Eukaryotic organisms can perform both cyclic and noncyclic photophosphorylation.
The free element condition and cyclic versus noncyclic stress.
Pain is most often associated with menstruation but may actually worsen at other times of the month or be noncyclic (8)
The cognitive basis of grammar: A noncyclic analysis of English cyclic stress.
About 10% of gynecologic visits are due to chronic, noncyclic pelvic pain of greater than 6 months' duration, and a third of gynecologic laparoscopies are performed to investigate such pain.
Patients who are contemplating a supracervical hysterectomy should be counseled that cyclic or even noncyclic bleeding may persist and may necessitate another procedure," said Dr.
Rakhecha (retired) have scored several experimental firsts such as direct verification of Pauli anticommutation, separation of geometric and dynamical phases and observation of noncyclic interference amplitudes and phases.
Today's in-vehicle network systems exchange information in an asynchronous cyclic or noncyclic manner where all existing communications protocols are event based.