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not current or belonging to the present time

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Thus, in subsequent analyses, we grouped never-users and former users together as noncurrent users.
Noncurrent loans were down for the 12th consecutive quarter and down almost 50 percent from a year earlier.
Primary residence loans accounted for the largest proportion of noncurrent loans, representing 61 percent of the total.
4 billion in noncurrent loans in Sixth District banks in the fourth quarter, the lowest level since the fourth quarter of 2008 The ratio of noncurrent loans to total loans was 5.
For the third quarter, First Security Bank of Searcy had total noncurrent loans of 0.
Noncurrent loans are growing as a share of gross loans, mostly due to problems in commercial real estate markets.
Noncurrent loans rose sharply in the fourth quarter.
121 requires entities to consider whether noncurrent assets have been impaired and provides guidance in measuring impairment losses for both noncurrent assets held for sale and noncurrent assets held for use.
Current assets can be converted to cash within 12 months, and noncurrent assets, beyond 12 months.
The ratio of noncurrent loans to total equity peaked in 1986 and has been declining since then; loan-loss reserve coverage ratios have also improved since 1986; and net charge-offs to average loans have declined significantly since 1986, mirroring the trends of noncurrent loans to total loans and provision expense to average assets.
Fitch expects deterioration from the currently low levels of delinquent and noncurrent C&I loans and some reversion to the historical averages.
The amount of noncurrent loans and leases (those 90 days or more past due or in nonaccrual status) fell by $12.
4,854,630 Noncurrent Liabilities Deferred compensation 450,000