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not current or belonging to the present time

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Under the ASU, all deferred tax assets and liabilities, as well any valuation allowances, will be netted and presented in a classified balance sheet as one noncurrent amount.
Thus, in subsequent analyses, we grouped never-users and former users together as noncurrent users.
Primary residence loans accounted for the largest proportion of noncurrent loans, representing 61 percent of the total.
4 billion in noncurrent loans in Sixth District banks in the fourth quarter, the lowest level since the fourth quarter of 2008 The ratio of noncurrent loans to total loans was 5.
9 million reserve to cover future loan losses, which accounted for 55 percent of its noncurrent loans as of June 30.
BALANCE SHEET ASSETS CURRENT ASSETS: Cash $450,000 Notes and accounts receivable 850,000 FIXED ASSETS: Land 300,000 Buildings 550,000 Machinery and equipment 220,000 NONCURRENT ASSETS: Prepaid insurance, taxes, etc.
Overall, Eleventh District banks are doing relatively well; they have a much lower share of noncurrent loans-2 percent in the second quarter versus 4.
The rising trend in noncurrent loans indicates that write-offs and loss provisions will likely remain high for the near future.
More than 270 noncurrent exposure drafts published by the AICPA from 1977 through 2005 are now posted, with more to come.
GAAP on business combinations; noncurrent assets held for sale and discontinued operations; and accounting for costs associated with exit or disposal activities.
Adrian Cunningham explains in his article "Ensuring Essential Evidence: Changing Archival and Records Management Practices in the Electronic Recordkeeping Era" that "A key element of this [Australian] system was a rejection of the traditional North American division between the work of records managers (who work with current records) and archivists (who work with noncurrent or historical records).
A spokesman said: 'If a voucher is returned to us as undelivered from a noncurrent address, we will make further inquiries in a bid to trace the intended recipient.
It is also shown to help in recovery of a dynamically noncurrent variable.