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Synonyms for noncritical

not in a state of crisis or emergency



marked by disregard for critical standards or procedures


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The second violation described "Restaurant accepted food that was not properly frozen upon delivery" (defined as a noncritical violation in the current format and a priority foundation violation in the newest format).
2013), and eight noncritical defects (endocardial cushion; ventricular septum; atrial septum; valves; aorta; pulmonary artery; heterotaxy; other).
Has a noncritical 4:1 mix ratio by weight and features an open time of 12-24 hr.
But in other noncritical fluid handling applications, bubbles of some sizes may not be a danger.
The men were taken to hospital, and their conditions werre described as noncritical.
Khan said noncritical illnesses such as measles can even be fatal for those people who live under dire conditions.
However, the efforts of large manufacturers, especially in Rochester, New York, to stall unionization are presented in a noncritical light.
In addition, only a minor distinction was placed on PIV required on critical systems and noncritical systems, with both types receiving equal attention.
However, thanks to the incorporation of brake choppers in the Interroll Drive and ZoneControls, the feedback of voltage is restricted to a noncritical level.
We've retained these employees as clinic patients, making it easier for them to receive treatment, and worked with this same employer for noncritical occupational issues, such as drug treatment, head lacerations or knee strain.
Very large enterprises have started moving noncritical
An Airbus spokesman said: "We confirm that cracks were found on noncritical wing attachments on a limited number of A380s.
In the noncritical case ([alpha] [not equal to] 1 - [n/p]) the CKN-type inequalities with best constants S(p,q,[alpha]) are represented by
Because none of the noncritical specimens were retested to detect false-negative results, the [beta] error is not evaluated.
Critical and Noncritical (30 days) - automatic drains not free or open, damaged or plugged strainer, missing or loose detectors, incorrect water or air pressure levels, failed or incorrectly reading pressure gauge, missing protection cap on fire department connections