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not continuing without interruption in time or space

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The mean free path is "the dimension of the noncontinuous nature of the molecules" (Barhate & Ramakrishna, 2007, p.
The coated papers have a noncontinuous, transparent film with irregular macrodomains created during the drying process.
The advantage may result because a contiguity weighting scheme would suppress potentially important interactions between noncontinuous states.
Although this species has a broad geographic range that includes most of the intermountain region, its distribution is noncontinuous with local populations isolated at higher elevations on most mountain ranges (Rickart, 2001).
A comparison of adult literacy scores from 1992 and 2003 shows that the reading abilities of American college graduates declined in prose literacy (the ability to read continuous texts), document literacy (the ability to read noncontinuous texts in various formats), and quantitative literacy (the reading ability needed to perform computations) (U.
Prose literacy relates to the ability to surmise relevant information from continuous text; document literacy relates to the ability to surmise necessary information from noncontinuous text; and quantitative literacy relates to the ability to perform mathematical tasks based on the numeric values that are embedded within a text (Greenberg et al.
14) Discreteness, from the language of mathematics, describes objects that are individually distinct or noncontinuous.
Third, the noncontinuous relationship between MPO and mortality observed in the chronic heart failure population (15) as well as in our AHF population suggests that comparison of tertiles might be more appropriate than analysis according to continuous MPO concentrations or MPO concentrations divided by the median.
skills to search and comprehend noncontinuous texts in various formats), and quantitative literacy (i.
However, Branger and Schlag (2004) have recently criticized the delta hedging error approach, arguing that noncontinuous hedging and model misspecification biases the mean hedging error as a measure of volatility risk.
27) Valeriu Popa, Coincidence and fixed points theorems for noncontinuous hybrid contractions, Nonlinear Anal.
In still other cases, outcomes may be clearly noncontinuous.
If the PAM is to be worn by people with amputation for community activity monitoring, its accuracy during continuous and noncontinuous ambulation in indoor and outdoor environments must be determined.
This article presents rut and dynamic creep test results of concrete, SMA (stone mastic asphalt), MNU (thin courses of noncontinuous grain mixtures), Superpave mixture and porous asphalt mixture of two air void content percentages: 15 %, 20 %.
The role of frustrative nonreward in noncontinuous reward situations.