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(of disease) not capable of being passed on

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With the first observation he considered the disease noncontagious.
A word must be said about vaccines against noncontagious but communicable (typhoid fever, JE, hepatitis A, human papilloma virus) diseases.
This drastic change in their physical appearance was caused by various forms of a noncontagious disease generally known as alopecia, which presently can be treated but not cured.
That procedure will save the passengers time for worrying about far more realistic dangers than infection from noncontagious passengers, such as kowtowing to bureaucrats for permission to travel.
PSORIASIS is a noncontagious skin condition which affects about 2% of the world's population to some degree.
CHEST X-RAYS FOR NURSING STUDENTS WITH POSITIVE PPDS In 2003, the Medical Advisory Committee for the Elimination of Tuberculosis (MACET) College Health Subcommittee issued recommendations to college health services to improve the implementation of processes aimed at detection and treatment of latent tuberculosis infection, the current term for tuberculosis infection that is asymptomatic, dormant, and noncontagious.
The inmate with active tuberculosis who is coughing violently becomes quiet and noncontagious as a result of effective treatment.
Patients are noncontagious and allowed to return to school or the workplace once all the lesions have crusted.
Sally suffered from a noncontagious form of hepatitis from childhood and had a liver transplant when she was just 19.
The choice of a noncontagious agent understates, however, the potential benefits of biological surveillance.
A: Not every case is treated successfully; but when the prognosis is good, the individual becomes noncontagious within two or three weeks.
Example A illustrates what might be found if 90 people were exposed to a noncontagious agent such as anthrax, and symptoms first appeared an average of 8 days after exposure.
Further research, however, showed the necrosis was really a noncontagious, natural rotting in aging saguaros that had been injured by freezing temperatures on cold winter nights or lightning strikes during summer thunderstorms.
Against the backdrop of this assumption, Jonas argues that most common illnesses--"cancer, heart disease, and other organic, noncontagious ills"--do not pose a threat to the common good because the normal death rate from such conditions does not prevent society from "flourishing in every way.
Nurse McNulty was aware that there were contagious and noncontagious types of meningitis.