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concerning mental functioning that is not represented in consciousness

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relating to the lack of consciousness of inanimate things

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Findings about how conscious and nonconscious brain systems work may enable us to make exposure therapy more effective.
Automatic activation of impression formation and memorization goals: nonconscious goal priming reproduces effects of explicit task instructions.
which new sensuous and nonconscious modes of inhabiting the earth might
Taking a closer look: On the operation of nonconscious impression formation.
Sometimes, patients perceive objects as being farther away with one eye than with the other, a condition that causes nonconscious compensatory head rotation and leads to neck and back pain.
Nonconscious emotional activation colors first impressions: A regulatory role for conscious awareness.
Perhaps most important of all, there is nothing in the current laws of physics, chemistry, and biology that remotely hints at how consciousness emerges from collections of nonconscious particles.
Nonconscious activation of goal states seems to be as effective as conscious activation of goal states for accomplishing various tasks.
6) The use of behavioral measures are strongly suggested to assess pain in nonconscious patients.
Decision science is the exploration of the nonconscious and the conscious processes, including implicit memory, procedural memory, and even habits involved when a person makes a decision to engage in a specific behavior.
Mind" undermines "minds": Our "minds" (as multidimensional processes active at conscious and nonconscious levels) take care of themselves to a certain degree.
In his book, The Leader's Brain, Heemsbergen emphasizes the important of nonconscious processes to be able to see the world in a different way (Heemsbergen, 2006).
These data suggest that the nonconscious self of individuals who have experienced some type of criminal behavior serves as a central node in a network that links multiple nodes of criminal-related knowledge (i.
Chapter eight discusses some very interesting research on the relation between the conscious and nonconscious brain and its role in decision making and acts of self-control.