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Synonyms for nonconformance

a lack of orthodoxy in thoughts or beliefs

failure to conform to accepted standards of behavior

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After reading this FAR section, one would think conditional acceptance would be an effective way of dealing with a nonconformance issue.
The feedback loop is a workflow that captures the nonconformance and alerts the data stewards for action.
First, contractors would have to provide a written report to GIDEP within 60 days of becoming aware that a common item purchased by or for the contractor for delivery to or for the government is counterfeit, is suspected to be counterfeit or contains a major or critical nonconformance and constitutes a quality escape that has resulted in the release of like nonconforming items to more than one customer.
Eventually modules for Change Control and Nonconformance will further ALI's quality systems.
OUR SCIENTISTS HAVE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in helping to solve nonconformance and deviation issues.
In the case of highly priced food items, it will now be possible to limit testing to a single sample, which will allow the reduction of the sampling costs on condition the importer "will not insist on retesting in the referral laboratory in case of nonconformance of the sample in initial tests".
Typically, we don't have a lot of nonconformance issues, but we'll have a lot of 'opportunities for improvement,' which means conformance to the standard, but that there are better ways to meet that requirement.
The trial court affirmed, finding that the variance was necessary due to "the unique nature of complete nonconformance in that section of the city.
Compliance programs that are in place in Frutarom's purchasing, customer service, human resources, quality assurance/regulatory and production areas met the required standards for ISO certification, with only three citations for minor nonconformance.
Auditors, in general, will check for strict documentation on nonconformance of standards, how problems were corrected and what has been done to prevent future nonconformance in those areas.
The Department of Defense (DOD) has issued a proposed rule to amend the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) to mandate inclusion of a new clause in specified DOD contracts, "Notification of Potential Safety Issues," that would require contractors to notify the government about potential safety issues stemming from item nonconformance or deficiencies.
The proposed rule contains a contract clause requiring contractors to promptly notify the government of any nonconformance or deficiency that could impact item safety.
During the audit, Galesburg Castings had only eight minor, nonconformance items (partial non-fulfillment of specified requirements) and fixed those within two weeks after the audit.
Designed to help firms track problems ranging from identification of nonconformance through disposition and corrective action, idsCATS can reportedly help users achieve and maintain ISO 9000 certification.