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not able to conduct heat or electricity or sound

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The electronic properties of the material change from low resistance to high resistance when heat is applied to alter the arrangement of atoms from a conducting, crystalline structure to a nonconducting, glassy structure.
It has been shown that promising shielding performance could be achieved with composite materials comprising an electrically nonconducting polymer matrix filled with conducting materials, such as stainless-steel, cooper, aluminum, nickel-coated carbon or neat carbon [3,4].
Long lightweight, high strength long-life tethers, wire and nonconducting MEMS FEEP [field emission electric propulsion] integrated micropropulsion assemblies
If it indeed is a law that "Iron conducts electricity," then a piece of nonconducting iron thereby becomes unrealizable.
A dielectric is a nonconducting substance which can support an electrostatic field without dissipating much heat.
Edwards also says the use of some sort of nonconducting dielectric might be beneficial.
The whole assembly goes into a pressure-compensation system that keeps water out and is filled with nonconducting fluid that doesn't compress like air and compensates for the pressure 11 kilometers (6.
Much as a transformer uses an electromagnetic coupling between coils to transmit power across an insulator, a pair of capacitively coupled electrodes can be used to carry energy across a nonconducting gap.
NP 193PM combines high-temperature phenolic resin with aramid and "soft glass" fibers and a nonconducting solid lubricant.
35,36) Capek and colleagues (37) reported better long-term results with neuroma resection and grafting, as compared to neurolysis alone in the setting of conducting and nonconducting neuromas, despite an initial down-grading following resection.
The sensors of hot-film anemometers are fabricated by depositing a thin film of conducting metal (usually platinum or alumina) over the surface of a firm nonconducting substrate (usually quartz).
Other elements, such as bone and adipose tissue, are essentially nonconducting.
The platforms are powder coated--"As Henry Ford stated, 'You can have it in any color you like as long as it is black,'" noted Hill--and optional platform materials, such as aluminum or other nonconducting composites, are also available.
Nonconducting temperature probes, independent of the RF electrode, were placed at the peripheral and deep margins of tumors in order to achieve real-time temperature monitoring of the ablation zone, he explained, adding that all ablations were continued until the probe temperatures reached 60[degrees] C.
TTU researchers addressed this problem by manipulating the process to include a nonconducting material like cotton.