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Synonyms for nonconcentric

not having a common center


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Measurements of right ventricular functions are difficult due to the complex three-dimensional structure and nonconcentric contraction of this ventricle (35).
The company deviated from that approach, however, by processing both the nonconcentric pins and concentric main diameters using twin wheelhead grinders of a common design and with much of the same tooling.
The bands in agate are often concentric, in a wide range of colors, but onyx is normally greenish, with nonconcentric banding.
The new Landis 3L CNC Crankpin grinder, for example, is based on a new concept called orbital crankpin grinding that opens the door to increased agility in precision grinding of crankshafts and other nonconcentric parts.
For example, all circles on a sphere remain circles on a flat grid, even if they vary in size or are nonconcentric, or as straight lines like the meridian.