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not comprehensive

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However, Gottfredson's (1981, 2005) treatment of external influences is noncomprehensive, and empirical support for its tenets has been called into question (e.
Although not of direct legal relevance, this definition provides some guidance as to what criteria should be applied when considering whether a group qualifies as a people, but these criteria are subjective, noncomprehensive, and not entirely clear.
The rules state that "the following are some examples of risks which are eligible during the course of construction but which may not be eligible when occupied," so the list is noncomprehensive.
In contrast, meta-analyses are often noncomprehensive because many references must be dropped due to small sample sizes and missing data.
To their credit, the proposed regulations do what no court has attempted: They put forth a noncomprehensive list of services and product purchases that are unique to trusts and estates.
The following is a noncomprehensive list of critical transactions and life events that are ideal occasions for attorneys and other advisors to keep in mind as estate planning opportunities for those clients with whom they share close and confidential relationships.
The average cost of noncomprehensive motor insurance in August was pounds 519, up from pounds 473 in the same month of last year, according to accountancy firmDeloitte.
Comparatively, linear viscoelasticity measurement is a low-cost and convenient tool, which is of engineering favor, though it only offers indirect and noncomprehensive information about the platelet organization.
Here is a noncomprehensive list of the information available through background checks that range from about $10 to $125.
The counselor appears to reinforce Erk's (2000) observation that clients with ADHD-PI are less understood, and, therefore, are at risk for noncomprehensive treatment planning.
By including such noncomprehensive solutions as content filters on individual computers under the code-based solution model, pp.
The group specialises in underwriting noncomprehensive policies for women and drivers of older cars, sold via independent brokers.
Given that resources are sparse, this means serving a small proportion of the many students who require assistance and doing so in a noncomprehensive way.
The current biotech situation is a classic example of noncomprehensive thinking that ignores essentials.
Although the government has begun regulating the industry in recent years, regulations remain noncomprehensive and vague.