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Synonyms for noncompliant

refusing or failing to obey

Synonyms for noncompliant

a person who refuses to comply

boldly resisting authority or an opposing force

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Sellers of tobacco products who sell noncompliant products will be meted fines ranging from P10,000 to P100,000 and sentenced to a one-year prison term.
We have now decided to serve an enforcement notice because, despite being given advice and guidance, the company remains noncompliant with the permit conditions.
The radiation therapy course for noncompliant patients was prolonged for an average of one week compared with compliant patients.
The aim of our study was to identify and describe noncompliant FHEs in NERHA and to identify the factors influencing their noncompliance.
Since we study the effect of board independence on the cost of debt, it seems appropriate to use only the majority independence requirement to identify noncompliant firms.
Maine and Arizona are among the other noncompliant states.
Beginning April 21, people from noncompliant states will no longer be able to use their driver's licenses to enter those areas.
A child who had taken even one food article containing gluten in last 5 days was considered noncompliant and those who had strictly taken no gluten in their diet in that period were considered compliant.
Data on level of teacher prompting and presence of noncompliant behaviors were collected during every phase.
He noted that the noncompliant panels and wind farms had failed to install equipment indicating the amount of electricity entering the system.
Noncompliant water systems also must conduct an inspection to locate and correct sources of fecal contamination.
Housing Minister Jan O'Sullivan warned noncompliant council officials they must adhere with guidelines or face the consequences.
NONCOMPLIANT INVESTMENTS TO TOTAL ASSETS: The ratio of noncompliant investments to total assets should be less than 33 per cent.
These rules prevent hackers from stealing your customers' credit card information after they've made a transaction with you, Noncompliant hardware and software can cost you up to $100,000 in fees and fines.
The South Coast Air Quality Management District routinely inspects retailers to make sure the paints sold in the store comply with air quality regulations and earlier this year Walmart and the agency reached a settlement of $2 million for noncompliant paint.