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in a noncompetitive manner

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The SSTEW 2 BPAs were awarded noncompetitively against GSA schedule with one base year and three option years.
Laboratory behavior of adolescent and adult males of the snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio)(Brachyura: Majidae) mated noncompetitively and competitively with primiparous females.
However, if there is no competitive interest, law allows MMS to issue leases noncompetitively.
For each service contract or task order, the inventory must include a description of the services and how they contributed to achieving agency objectives; dollar amount; contract type and date; name of contractor and place of performance; number of contractor and subcontractor employees; and whether the contract was awarded noncompetitively.
Omega-3 absorbs best and noncompetitively when accompanied by omega-6 in a 1:2 to 1:10 ratio (flaxseed oil has a linolenic to linoleic ratio of 3:1).
Both dicofol and endosulfan noncompetitively bind gamma amino-butyric acid (GABA) receptor-mediated chloride ion channels in nerve cells (Sunol et al.
Food and Drug Administration is currently reviewing febuxostat, an oral drug that noncompetitively inhibits xanthine oxidase production.
Rather than focusing on specific traditional counseling approaches, the following suggests that gifted children and adolescents are well served when school counselors, perhaps collaboratively with gifted-education personnel, acknowledge potential concerns and provide opportunities to relate with peers noncompetitively, normalize developmental challenges, and gain communication skills.
5) Irinotecan and SN-38 competitively inhibited CYP3A4 and competitively and noncompetitively inhibited CYP2C9.
Caroverine, a quinoxaline derivative, acts as a competitive AMPA antagonist, and at higher concentrations it noncompetitively blocks NMDA receptors at the glycine site in the cochlea.
Some highlights of the $2 billion awarded noncompetitively since 1993 included $47,000 to help the Seattle Mariners start a recycling program at their new $500 million ballpark, $1,500 for academics to design a solid waste board game called the "Can Man Game," and $379 million to senior citizen groups to recruit and pay senior citizens to work for the EPA.
Many of the cases filed at the federal district court level by CLECs and other new entrants have been successful in striking down a number of municipal efforts to impose fees that are not reasonable and cost-based, and operational requirements that are noncompetitively neutral or pose a barrier to entry.
Also, Lang and Rosenthal (1991) characterize a noncooperative static equilibrium for a multiproduct contracting environment, where sellers both divide the market and submit noncompetitively high bids in the market where they do not expect to win.
Cardiac mitochondrial polymerase-[gamma] is inhibited competitively and noncompetitively by phosphorylated Zidovudine.