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not involving competition or competitiveness

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Or, more fundamentally, we will need to rethink our exclusive use of noncompetitive, single-seat, "winner take all" districts.
Noncompetitive, rhythmic exercise helps release tension.
New Mexico has implemented an innovative program for the noncompetitive, as well as the competitive, student.
School board member David Tokofsky, the only one who objected to the deal when it was approved, said it again raises questions about the wisdom of entering into noncompetitive deals, like the one for the $166 million Belmont Learning Center that will never be completed as planned because environmental problems were not dealt with before construction began.
This will be offered in addition to MMTA's noncompetitive evaluations given in the spring.
swimmer for the top spot, and Valencia resident Adam Setliff, who took fifth place in discus throwing, will participate in the noncompetitive children's run.
The loss of legal flow control has denied many solid waste systems of a traditionally noncompetitive source of revenue, dramatically altering their finances.
In addition to the fall programs, each spring CAPMT holds a Concerto Competition and Student Evaluations, a comprehensive noncompetitive evaluation for students of all instruments.
except for the Kid K fun run, a noncompetitive event for children ages 12 and under that will start at 8:30 a.
1, 1992, Christie's and Sotheby's secretly agreed to fix the premiums each charged buyers at identical, noncompetitive levels, and that on or about March 1, 1995, Christie's and Sotheby's further secretly agreed to fix the commissions each charged sellers at identical, noncomptitive levels.
The Studio Festival Program encourages teachers to offer a noncompetitive atmosphere to inspire students in their musical abilities.
Two of the deals were postponed after Palmdale approved its anti-piracy policy to allow Lancaster to pass its policy and to see if needs of the dealers could be met in a noncompetitive fashion.
Such adverse effects are limited mainly by the extent of noncompetitive elements in the government contracting and leasing process.
The year's activities will conclude with a noncompetitive spring festival involving approximately 200 students, a piano chamber music concert sponsored by the local Burlington branch and a final Board meeting in June, where new Board members are welcomed and begin preparation for another exciting year.