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Antonyms for noncompetitive

not involving competition or competitiveness

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Volkssporting events promote fun, fitness and friendship by providing noncompetitive walking and other free sporting events.
Not only will benefits accrue from a great expansion of detailed collaboration in the noncompetitive arena but, at the very least, this collaboration will not impede nor even change anyone's competitive position.
In a noncompetitive environment, the camp emphasizes self-respect, respect for others, and respect for all living things.
In a recent report, Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley said noncompetitive deals should never be done again.
This noncompetitive activity encourages learning about the history of romantic music.
No matter what happens with the hearings on campaign finance reform or subsequent reforms, come November 1998 we will again have mostly noncompetitive elections in one-party districts where voters have little choice but to ratify the selection made by re districting committees and party primaries.
The first phase, which has been developed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, encompasses a system that provides for the electronic submission of bids placed throughout the country, mainly by noncompetitive bidders, using the Federal Reserve's standard "Fedline" terminal.
This excludes about 500,000 employees selected on a noncompetitive basis, except for those who are military veterans.
This program is designed to provide a noncompetitive performance opportunity for all the students in a teacher's studio.