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Synonyms for noncombustible

not capable of igniting and burning


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In Sections 1, 2, and 10 of the Monthly Energy Review, EIA calculates total primary energy consumption for noncombustible renewable electricity in Btu by applying a fossil fuel equivalency factor.
We are committed to providing our customers with an array of products to meet the needs of any project, and that's why we're introducing JM CladStone Water & Fire Block Insulation, a noncombustible product designed to aid in managing moisture in continuous insulation systems," says Tommy Knappich, vice president and general manager of Building Insulation at Johns Manville.
The cladding is noncombustible fiber cement siding installed over 1 * 4 wood furring (3/4 in.
Noncombustible (ash) content was measured on the aggregate of each sample and each of the three screen fractions.
Model 1030C oxidizes samples via high temperature combustion in a proprietary reactor that extends catalyst life and lowers cost by protecting against noncombustible salt accumulation on catalyst surfaces.
Mr Dower, who lives in Frodsham, formed Marine Systems Technology with his son Andrew and fellow director Alan Hall, to specifically develop a noncombustible composite system for ships.
By using superabsorbent polymer (SAP) particles incorporated into synthetic resins, Luna's flame retardants produce a noncombustible surface under fire conditions and slow heat transfer through the material.
EUROBOND offers an improved fire resistance performance for its range of noncombustible composite wall panels.
New homes must have noncombustible roofs - no more wood-shake shingles - and wire screens over vents and fireplaces to keep out embers.
This document took a holistic risk-based approach and crucially it stated 'External claddings that are LPCB approved to LPS 1181 can be regarded as satisfying the original grade 2 construction rules of be classed as a noncombustible building (Note: This grading does not imply that the material is noncombustible).
All the products are formulated to be effective, yet meet environmental needs such as being nontoxic to humans, noncombustible and noncorrosive to skin and eyes, safe for aquatic life when diluted for use, containing ingredients greater than 100ppm that are readily biodegradable, no chlorine, VOC levels under 1% when diluted for use and free of any known carcinogens and reproductive hazards.
Nursing homes tend to be mandated to use a greater percentage of fire-resistive and noncombustible construction materials than would something like an office building.
These include noncombustible toilets, improved lighting and campsite facilities -where campfires are banned.
Firefighters dig a moat to isolate the burning coal and then fill the trench with noncombustible material, such as rock.
However, the variability of the noncombustible component part has not enabled to create a sufficiently exact method.