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Two tall army noncoms got out, grabbed my father, and took him into the lorry.
Army tactical doctrine called for the rifle to be used as a single-shot unless the situation called for a high rate of massed firepower-which it was felt the five-round magazine was capable of providing- and then only under the direct order of a senior noncom or officer.
Although Ermey is back in his old, noncom role for the all-computer-animate d hit, he can be seen in two other widely acclaimed current releases, "Leaving Las Vegas" and "Dead Man Walking.
About the same time, the issue of handguns became more restrictive, with only officers and high-ranking noncoms authorized to carry them.
Still, American officers and troopers were armed with handguns, as were Spanish officers and noncoms, so there is no question they saw some use in the struggle.
Some 200 men were employed in the ultra-hazardous task, yet they met with but two minor accidents, due largely to the care, caution, judgment and experience of the officers and noncoms in charge and to the courage and skill of the enlisted personnel.
Under a clear blue sky they chop sentries to pieces and run to the barracks to finish off" the noncoms.
The officers and senior noncoms were living in a house west of the field, but the enlisted men were sweltering in nipa shacks on the field.
It's not only large pharmaceutical firms that are taking a serious look (or providing serious research funding) for products based on manipulating the noncoms.
Noncoms are First Leader (top sergeant), Leader (sergeant), Junior Leader (corporal).
First of all, it should be remembered that the issue of handguns in most European armies was strictly limited and only officers and high-ranking noncoms were authorized to carry them.