noncoding DNA

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sequence of a eukaryotic gene's DNA that is not translated into a protein

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That project maps stretches of noncoding DNA that are important for switching genes on and off.
Now, a new study offers an unexpected insight: The large majority of noncoding DNA, which is abundant in many living things, may not actually be needed for complex life, according to research set to appear in the journal Nature.
Noncoding DNA does not exist only between genes; the vast majority
Genomics is the study of all of the nucleotide sequences, including structural genes, regulatory sequences, and noncoding DNA segments, in the chromosomes of an organism.
Genes contain both coding DNA (exons) and noncoding DNA (introns).
The finding of few sequence polymorphisms in the noncoding DNA of B.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- Three of the world's top research scientists will participate in a freewheeling conversation on RNA interference (RNAi), tissue regeneration, and noncoding DNA on BioTech Today from 1PM to 2PM, PST, on Wednesday, December 10 at http://www.
Intron: Noncoding DNA segments within a gene, some of which may help regulate the timing and extent of the gene's expression.
They still don't have the foggiest idea what noncoding DNA is all about.
VOLUME 1 I MOLECULAR GENETICS Genetics, Molecular Basis of DNA Replication and Transcription Translation of RNA to Protein Alternatively Spliced Genes Repair and Mutagenesis of DNA Genomic Imprinting, Molecular Genetics of Heterochromatin and Euchromatin-Organization, Packaging II GENOMIC ORGANISATION AND EVOLUTION Gene Distribution in the Human Genome Anthology of Human Repetitive DNA Repetitive sequence and noncoding DNA evolution in Eukaryotes Horizontal Gene Transfer Molecular Systematics and Evolution Genetic Variation and Molecular Evolution III GENOMES OF MODEL ORGANISMS E.
Washington, May 13 ( ANI ): Noncoding DNA, which has puzzled scientists for so many years, and is abundant in many living things, may not actually be needed for creation of complex life, according to researchers.
One of the most unforeseen and potentially revolutionary findings since the complete annotation of the human genome is the complexity of noncoding DNA.
Other scientists have found mutations in noncoding DNA that link to diseases such as autism, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and schizophrenia.
Many variations in the DNA exist among the genes and noncoding DNA regions of different individuals.
A recent paper by Kellis and colleagues showed that 5 percent of noncoding DNA is conserved across mammals.