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Nonclassical CAH results most commonly from a deficiency of 21-hydroxylase that leads to accumulation of 17-OHP, which is then shunted into androgen synthesis (4).
In NonClassical style, tonight's event will feature contemporary classical music alongside innovative classical DJ sets.
To open the evening of new music there will also be a pre-concert DJ set from Nonclassical at 7pm in the college foyer.
They cover MWM quantum control via electromagnetically induced transparency, controllable Autler-Townes splitting of MWM process via dark state, the controllable enhancement and suppression of MWM process via the dark state, controllable polarization of MWM process via the dark state, nonclassical properties of the MWM process, and coherent modulation of photonic band gap in the four-wave mixing process.
This takes the book into the domain of nonclassical logics (namely, paraconsistency).
Bounding parameter estimates with nonclassical measurement error.
This paper is a proposal to use approximate Galerkin method for the determination of characteristics of vibrating systems containing nonclassical, composite transducers.
In previous studies, NLRP12 has been shown to involve in both canonical and non-canonical NF-[kappa]B signaling pathways and classical and nonclassical MHC class I gene expression in vitro (Williams et al.
5) The new, so-called nonclassical logic looks and sounds much like standard logic but refuses to accept some critical assumptions.
She has worked with some of the most prestigious figures in the contemporary music industry, including The Brodsky Quartet and Gabriel Prokofiev, and has released numerous albums on the Blackbox and Nonclassical labels.
Many nonclassical economists oppose fiscal stimulus because they believe monetary policy alone can combat recession.
The allocation of substantial amounts of tax money to the state's nonclassical objectives without fulfilling its mandate to fight crime is one of the characteristic features of many modern urban governments and, to libertarian anarchists, a predictable result of the abuse that comes from having a monopoly on the legitimate use of force.
Aparstyn, Nonclassical linear Volterra Equations of the First Kind, VSP, Utrecht (2003).
The importance of identifying individuals with nonclassical forms of the disease is underscored by the risk of long-term health consequences such as the development of tumors.
Whereas some of the larger nonclassical missions such as CIM or CMA were organized as tightly controlled operations, many of the new groups in China showed an inherent distrust of any centralized decision-making body.