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The authors suggest this could indicate an effect through nonclassical ER signaling--in other words, an effect that does not involve a direct interaction between the ER and DNA--but they acknowledge that other unidentified mechanisms also are possible.
To see these nonclassical theories of mind in action, this essay examines a debate between David Lewis and Derek Parfit over what matters in survival.
Thus, while voice trainers have had to become more open minded about nonclassical singing styles, the demand for workshops to train teachers in these styles has grown.
The Classical Club Night, hosted by Sage Gateshead as part of The Late Shows 2013 in partnership with Northern Chords and Nonclassical, will take place on Saturday from 10.
In this sense we can talk of nonclassical, nonlinear elasticity, in the sense that some of the pillars of the classical exact theory of elasticity are relaxed.
All Salmonella isolates with this nonclassical quinolone resistance phenotype were from travelers returning from Thailand or Malaysia (6).
On the other hand, several of the concepts developed in classical planning have been quite useful in developing planners for nonclassical domains.
Effects of excess PTH on nonclassical target organs.
With her decidedly nonclassical first outing for Sony, singer Monheit strikes the perfect balance with jazz trio, big band and orchestral settings in a wonderfully voiced collection of standards.
I like that for Vivaldi, and also that works pretty well for a lot of nonclassical things.
Both used classical compositions in nonclassical ways.
In their "Two Flavors of Curry's Paradox," JC Beall and Julien Murzi argue against a wide variety of nonclassical approaches to the semantic paradoxes, contending that, while these approaches might block the paradoxes involving a naive property of truth, they do not provide the materials for solving a paradox involving a naive property of validity.