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a person who comes from a foreign country

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A second option for the resident spouse is to consider purchasing a life insurance policy through an irrevocable fife insurance trust for the benefit of the surviving noncitizen spouse.
The third option for the resident spouse is to transfer wealth to the noncitizen spouse through annual exclusion gifts.
Noncitizen voting is the suffrage movement of our time.
In contrast to the public transcript about rampant noncitizen voting, hidden transcripts take place out of the mainstream public's spotlight and often contradict public transcripts.
Caption: Percent of Foreign-Born Population That Are Noncitizens Under 35 by Melropolitain Statistical Area: 2010-2012
If welfare access to noncitizens was more limited, some immigrants would choose to naturalize or do so earlier than they otherwise planned in order to gain access to public benefits.
that may be imposed on noncitizen defendants who plead guilty to
counties, approximately 18% had adult noncitizen populations comprising over 5% of the total adult population, and approximately 7% had adult noncitizen populations comprising over 10%.
part--of the penalty that may be imposed on noncitizen defendants who
property if their noncitizen parents purchased the land on their behalf.
Critics have raised concerns that it might result in registering noncitizens, raising voter fraud and expense, and lengthening lines at drivers license facilities.
Florida is one of a number of states to have recently imposed ill-considered restrictions on voting rights, as it interferes with efforts to register new voters and seeks to purge noncitizens from state voting rolls.
Among the sections that would continue are the "John Doe roving wiretap" provision that allows law enforcement to conduct surveillance without identifying the person or location being investigated; Section 215 (the "library records" provision), which allows the government to gain access to "any tangible thing" during investigations; and the "lone wolf" provision which permits surveillance of noncitizens who are not affiliated with any terrorist organizations.