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in a composed and unconcerned manner

in an unconcerned manner


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overtook in a seting nonchalantly It's directed by Liquorice Rebecca Gatward and stars Samantha Power (last seen in Coronation Street as Dev's friend Talisa) in the title role and Rebecca Ryan (Debbie Gallagher in Shameless) as her daughter Denise, also a cyclist.
Several Border Police officers can be seen nonchalantly listening to the Sheikh off to one side.
A wayward touch by Ross Stephens fell to Boras, who finished nonchalantly with the outside of his right boot.
This week Fulham's enigmatic Bulgarian was seen nonchalantly posing with a pencil behind his ear while displaying his own caricature of Marlon Brando, one of many pencil sketches he has rustled up.
Too often I have seen people gulping their food while sitting in their parked cars just outside a fast-food outlet and, on completion, nonchalantly dropping their bag of waste, leftovers and cola cups out of the car, sometimes pushing it under the car where it won't be easily seen.
The Census 2002 was supervised by Eurostat and other international institutions and if they estimated that this statistical operation was fine, its data cannot be rejected so nonchalantly.
The unverified footage then shows him nonchalantly tossing the grenade over the touchline.
A textbook example of a well-crafted feel-good doc ready-made for airing during PBS pledge drives, "Men at Lunch" is infectiously and unabashedly uplifting as it celebrates the American immigrant experience--especially the Irish-American experience--while focusing on the iconic 1932 photo of 11 steelworkers nonchalantly perched on a girder 850 feet above Manhattan during construction of the GE Building:
Illustrated by James McMullan in a vintage poster style, each stamp evokes the essence of the artist it portrays: Isadora Duncan skips barefoot in her billowing tunic; Jose Limon poses powerfully, a pioneer male figure in modern dance; Katherine Dunham blends Caribbean dance and ballet in an image from her work L'Ag'Ya; and Bob Fosse tucks his cane under his arm and tips his hat nonchalantly, on the set of Sweet Charity.
It's difficult to decide which is more inconsiderate - the insistence of parents to drive to within a few yards of the school gates - whatever the danger to other pedestrians and children - or patients and visitors leaning against large 'no smoking' signs nonchalantly blowing smoke over anyone passing through the hospital reception area, despite a designated smoking facility only 25 yards away.
The crackers Italian striker, who set his house on fire after letting off fireworks in his bathroom, notched up another mad moment to add to his ever-growing scrapbook as he nonchalantly knocked the ball in with his shoulder to score the fourth in the 5-1 romp over Norwich.
Eddy said: "When I saw the traffic warden nonchalantly walk past and stick the ticket on my screen I couldn't believe it.
Kim walked in late (OF COURSE) and nonchalantly flashed that rock of hers and we all started screaming
Out in the streets, life progressed nonchalantly and-barring an event or two celebrating all things feminine-like every other day, people fell in and out of queues to move ahead.
To my surprise, he nonchalantly said, "OK don't pay for the shawarma [ETH] just pay for the chicken.