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Lalu nonchalant Lalu, in fact, is happy to launch his poll campaign in his own way and has given a call to his followers to spread out in the villages.
And on the 2013 runway worn by a skinny young model, the off-the-shoulder dress was textbook And on the 2013 runway worn by a skinny young model, the off-the-shoulder dress was textbook nonchalant Stella sexiness.
According to NCR, the largest ATM supplier in the US, Microsoft had issued warnings to customers about the deadline for years, but the ATM industry remained nonchalant, Verge reported.
In an attempt to seem nonchalant, she decided to find the replacement terribly amusing - until she heard herself, much to the couple's alarm, laughing loudly without a punchline.
How is the EU Commissioner now supposed to demand responsibility of the opposition for the report in April when PM Nikola Gruevski, in the most nonchalant manner, sacrificed him?
But what explains their nonchalant wandering around targets while volleys of gunfire fill the air?
Known by day for her nonchalant, laid-back LA vibe, and by night for girly layers, shimmering accessories and full-blown Hollywood glamour, Olivia is one to watch on the red carpet.
Anyway the arrive-on-time thing is certainly not true of Kipp; since the recession began we have resolutely maintained the tardiness for which we have become famous, strolling into the office in t-shirt and flip flops whenever we choose, a nonchalant air about us (you can get away with anything if you're nonchalant enough).
According to her, the thing that leaves a bitter taste is the nonchalant attitude of the government towards Brussels' criticisms and the lack of critical pressure for this attitude and losing the sense of cooperation increased the opposition's criticism towards the government's conjuncture.
But we see the 29-yearold's friendly, nonchalant outlook start to grate on some of the contestants this week.
00pm) Eve is upset by Carl's nonchalant attitude toward their kiss.
In camp he was every Sergeant Major's nightmare, nonchalant and laid back, but in combat he fought like a tiger and was always to the fore when the bullets were flying.
Summary: Behind Sundar Raman's nonchalant demeanour lurks a tough negotiator who knows every blade of grass of his pitch.
David held a sling that way, how this man holds his skin, nonchalant, and a bit cagey, too, to brace himself, display the line and size of it, the cape's ease, the holding simply part of a day slapping by, part of a dazzling limberness, what was his listing to what is, shoulder and flank and our full, full girth, to our avail--
PACO Boy brushed off his rivals in the CGA Hungerford Stakes at Newbury with a nonchalant display not dissimilar to Usain Bolt's at the Olympics just a quarter of an hour later.