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not made up of or divided into cells



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Although SOD1 immunoreactivity is shown in noncellular tissue, GPx immunoreactive cells were hardly found in the liver of the normal-group [Figure 2]j and [Figure 3].
Nadella et al reduced the density of thermoplastic materials by foaming, resulting in less dense plastics than that of the solid or noncellular material.
Plasma viscosity refers to the viscosity of the noncellular matrix of the blood.
206) The disparity between open and licensed noncellular was evident last year as well, and preceded a decline in Sensus's market share.
zona pellucida--A transparent, elastic, noncellular glycoprotein layer that surrounds and protects the oocyte, egg, and early embryo.
Other noncellular telephone internet-enabled devices, such as portable gaming consoles and PDAs, also were not recorded in these logs.
This edition has new and updated tables for immunochemistry, histologic appearance of viruses and fungi, and the optical properties of commonly seen noncellular material; the recommendations for American Joint Commission on Cancer classification and guidelines for the assessment of critical pathologic features; new tables for central nervous system tumors, lung carcinomas, fibroblastic/myofibroblastic lesions of the breast, signet ring cell carcinomas, metastatic carcinomas to the abdomen, and others; and evaluation of microsatellite instability in colon carcinomas.
Most studies measured the biomarkers in surrogate tissue cells such as WBCs or noncellular bodily fluids such as plasma, urine, and EBC.
The cells come up to the corpus callosum from an area below the ventricles, a noncellular area filled with cerebrospinal fluid.
Creative Foam Corporation has designed and fabricated cellular and noncellular foams and plastics for customers in the automotive, medical, and composite markets for nearly 40 years.
In almost every case, these aggregates of cells lie on a supporting basement membrane, a noncellular layer of connective tissue that is produced and secreted by epithelial cells.
Plasma is the liquid, noncellular portion of blood, and contains water, electrolytes, and proteins.