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a word with a special meaning used for a special occasion

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Da, browska also found that 78% of two-and-a-half-year-olds were productive with -a, the more frequent masculine ending, and 22% were also productive with -u, where "productivity" was defined as the ability to inflect at least one nonce word out of eight.
If the child still did not respond, the experimenter repeated the original prompt containing the nonce word, the beginning of the test sentence, and the first syllable (or, for longer words, the first two syllables) of the nonce noun.
In the present study, four cognitive factors potentially influencing Spanish stress perception are examined experimentally through a nonce word perception task that probes the structure of the lexicon, and the results are considered in terms of their implications for a psychological model of speech perception.
In other cases, the children produced the name of a known action that bore some general resemblance to the action represented by the nonce word.
found that a nonce word that is segmentally similar to an existing irregular word may be treated in morphological processes like this irregular word in the "common-noun" (CN) context, but not in the "proper-name" (PN) context.
To help memory order the six most important species, Powhat recommends the old nonce words "pyralspite" and "ugrandite," respectively for pyrope-almandine-spessartine, with Al in the second cation site, and uvarovite-grossular-andradite, with Ca in the first cation site (I recall consciously and earnestly learning these terms as a child, and now it's nice to see them again in such a respectable setting).
On the other hand, quite a number of words that are coined by individuals can be labelled as nonce words because of the extremely restricted scope of usage (sometimes only by the person who invented the word, maybe some of the members of his family or a few friends) and the chances of their being widely accepted are very often rather small.
Explaining various etymologies, word histories, word creations and word deaths, they cover such topics as baby talk, back-formations, neologisms, nonce words, euphemisms, prefixes and suffixes.
Nonce words of this type appear all the time, and the writers of The Simpsons have been particularly productive monkey-word-makers: In various episodes, Moe calls a supermarket bag boy a sack monkey, Sideshow Bob calls a bellboy a brainless luggage monkey, Homer gets a job as a prank monkey, and Krusty the Clown describes children as channel-hoppin', Ritalin-poppin' monkeys.
The nonce words can be divided into two classes: unconventional derivations and portmanteau words.
Another was the coinage of numerous nonce words, of which Sykes has noted well over a dozen.
nonsense verse Humorous or whimsical verse that features absurd characters and actions and often contains evocative but meaningless nonce words.
Hallgrimur Helgason's 101 Reykjavik grounds itself within the desperately aimless nonculture of "Generation X" (fashionable construct though it may be), cleverly shaped in the novel's rich lexicon of nonce words and contemporary slang.
She asked Spanish speakers to indicate stress on nonce words and judge the acceptability of prestressed nonce words.
Vowel cascades are far easier to find if we allow non-Random House and nonce words, dialect contractions (e.