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a word with a special meaning used for a special occasion

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Da, browska also found that 78% of two-and-a-half-year-olds were productive with -a, the more frequent masculine ending, and 22% were also productive with -u, where "productivity" was defined as the ability to inflect at least one nonce word out of eight.
If the child still did not respond, the experimenter repeated the original prompt containing the nonce word, the beginning of the test sentence, and the first syllable (or, for longer words, the first two syllables) of the nonce noun.
The nonce word in the lead-in sentence (corresponding to the experimenter's prompt in the oral version) was printed in boldface; and the test sentence contained a blank in which the participants were asked to write the form of the nonce word required by the grammatical context in which it occurred.
In the present study, four cognitive factors potentially influencing Spanish stress perception are examined experimentally through a nonce word perception task that probes the structure of the lexicon, and the results are considered in terms of their implications for a psychological model of speech perception.
Waltermire (2004: 184) speculates that the differences between his and Face's results may be due to the different tasks the subjects performed, stating that "when faced with determining the most logical stress for a nonce word at the very moment of speech, it seems likely that speakers would choose the most frequently occurring stress positions (final or penultimate) while not fully considering the least frequently occurring one (antepenultimate)", as may be done in responding to a written questionnaire.
Subjects were then asked to judge each nonce word as either a possible or impossible Spanish word.
In other cases, the children produced the name of a known action that bore some general resemblance to the action represented by the nonce word.
Summary of the children's use of each inflection with a nonce word SLI ND-MLU ND-A no.
Probes also allow for the introduction of nonce words.
found that a nonce word that is segmentally similar to an existing irregular word may be treated in morphological processes like this irregular word in the "common-noun" (CN) context, but not in the "proper-name" (PN) context.
If there were a default rule--as proposed in earlier accounts: penultimate stress for vowel-final nonverbs and final stress for consonant-final nominals (10)--I assume that speakers would apply it and would not fall back on the lexicon to guess, by analogy to existing forms, to which pattern a given nonce word conforms--especially in the PN interpretation.
The pilot test included the nonce word muculo in both CN and PN context.
Hallgrimur Helgason's 101 Reykjavik grounds itself within the desperately aimless nonculture of "Generation X" (fashionable construct though it may be), cleverly shaped in the novel's rich lexicon of nonce words and contemporary slang.
She asked Spanish speakers to indicate stress on nonce words and judge the acceptability of prestressed nonce words.
Vowel cascades are far easier to find if we allow non-Random House and nonce words, dialect contractions (e.