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the present occasion


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The attacker makes a Challenge that contains a nonce and the client's realm.
In the experiment, nonce words were presented in three language conditions: a Count context, with the numeral jeden 'one' after a negated verb (which requires the genitive case); a Mass context, with the quantifier troche 'some', and a Neutral context, as the object of a negated verb.
Wood was picked up that evening, and claimed he had slept through the attack and was awoken by Hoather and Wiltshire saying "We've just battered a nonce.
12: desecrations considerates (Considerates as a nonce noun, while not listed in dictionaries, is a common way of referring to individuals, by a trait, like "haves" and "have nots".
TF1 Group's chairman Nonce Paolini said : 'The signature of the contract with Rugby World Cup Limited is excellent news for the group.
In police interview, McLoughlin said: "I'm not sorry for what I did to the nonce, but I'm sorry for what I did to the pensioner.
Hazell also told a second prison officer: "I'm not like Ian Huntley, it was nothing sexual, I'm not a nonce.
Keywords: cryptography, IPTV, mutual authentication, nonce, smart card, STB
with that famous nonce of savoir-faire which makes you perfect for your
Nonce Paolini, CEO of Groupe TF1, and John Smith, Chief Executive of BBC Worldwide, will share their vision of the state of the global television industry.
It's only then, if you are me, that you realise you're a nonce, because the Grand Canyon is no 'pop' from where I'm headed - which is Tucson - being around 350 miles, as the crow flies.
At one point during the evening, after O'Keefe had suggested going to another party, Mr Wellard had called the defendant a paedophile and a nonce.
We want to see Gene splashing on Brut, beating up a nonce or telling a mugger: "Black suits you; do you want an eye the same colour?
Four cognitive factors potentially influencing the perception of Spanish stress placement are examined experimentally through a nonce word perception task, and the results are considered from the perspective of their implications for a psychological model of perception.
Then there is La Libertine by Nonce Casanova, Round The Bend In The Stream by Sir Wilmot Hudson Fysh, Common Truths From Queer Texts by Rev Joseph Gay, Vasectomy: The Male Sterilization Operation by Paul J Gillette, Illustrated History of Gymnastics by John Goodbody, An Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology by Frank Hole and Industrial Social Security by Robin Hood (true).