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the present occasion


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Parallel session attacks: In the proposed scheme, random nonces such as [DID.
The node signs both the nonce received and its measurement list with its private endorsement key for remote attestation.
nonce noun of action made by adding -er to a verb, sanctioned by Fowler for any English verb.
It needs to be stressed that if the HTML element e [member of] E needs to be protected by the nonce attribute, every HTML element e in the web page must use the nonce attribute at the same time.
We hear Sidney Wade rhyming con brio in her "straits and narrows" mode, James Malone Smith's ear for both wisecracking music and antique narrative, Bruce Bond in sonnets, Thomas Lux in free verse, and Claudia Emerson in a nonce form that echoes her mother's present life.
As a young boy, some said, he had once been in heaven, a moment's visit Through a locked door constructed for the nonce.
CEO Nonce Paolini said then it wished to withdraw from the online bookmaker and poker site because of its disappointing results.
7,853,511), 'System for Efficiently Handling Cryptographic Messages Containing Nonce Values' (US Patent No.
Throughout Kaleidoscope, readers can track the evolution of her rhyming nonce forms over the span of her career.
A special edition of the programme devoted to paedophilia and a fictional charity called Nonce Sense drew thousands of complaints and also won him a British Academy Television Award.
The server generates a Challenge that comprises the nonce and the realm.
Baker, aged 44, from Birmingham, was cautioned by police after writing to Mr Stagg: "I am coming for you and I ain't going to stop until you're dead, nonce.
Eighty Polish children and adolescents aged from 6 to 18 participated in a nonce word inflection experiment testing their productivity with the two genitive masculine endings, -a and -u, and their sensitivity to the distributional and semantic factors determining the choice of ending.
And blessed myself in the name of the nonce and happenstance, the Who knows and What nexts and So be its.
Explaining various etymologies, word histories, word creations and word deaths, they cover such topics as baby talk, back-formations, neologisms, nonce words, euphemisms, prefixes and suffixes.