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not causative



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The contrast between a noncausative situation represented by an expression such as Bill walked and its causative counterpart expressed by a periphrastic causative form like John made Bill walk can thus be naturally captured in terms of the nature of the origin of an action.
However, such a position leads to the uncomfortable decision of treating the Quechua and Japanese forms cited above as causative, while treating the semantically parallel English expressions kill and make walk as noncausative.
Although hacer does not function as a noncausative auxiliary verb in monolingual Spanish, it does occur in causatiye periphrastic constructions.
Although viajar en British Airways 'to travel with British Airways' has two possible interpretations (as a causative activity: viajo en British Airways para llegar antes 'I travel with British Airways to arrive earlier'; or as a noncausative activity, where the subject is the theme of the movement), it only has a noncausative interpretation in the complex existential constructions.
Noncausative experiencer predicates such as sahak 'be afraid' and ohel 'know(ledge)' are formally stative in Yukatek and thus remain outside the domain of argument linking in verb clauses.