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not causative


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Though adding fixed effects and extensive covariates to our regression models helps guard against omitted variable bias and rule out some noncausal, alternative explanations for observed relationships, these approaches do not account for the fact that early-career teachers who enter teaching already planning longer careers in the profession are likely to seek out first-year positions with more supports.
Table 3 presents the decomposition of bivariate covariation for the structural equation model and depicts the direct, indirect, total causal, and noncausal effects of each variable and factor on the ultimate endogenous variable, college GPA.
163) However, noncausal wrongs tend to be punished less and labelled as less serious offenses.
References [14,15] applied this method to descriptor systems; the optimal preview control problem for discrete-time descriptor causal systems in a multirate setting and discrete-time descriptor noncausal multirate systems was studied, separately.
It is thus intuitive that graphs complement the purely probabilistic notion of dependence, which is symmetric and noncausal, by introducing an asymmetry in the connections between variables, which is suited to encode causal relationships.
Causal and noncausal conditionals-an integrated model of interpretation and reasoning.
A researcher is on the safest ground if she is merely publishing descriptive statistics in a noncausal analysis and those descriptive statistics are (i) means (ii) based on large subgroups of the data and (iii) fairly similar to statistics that the agencies published themselves.
11) As Christopher Tomlins has suggested, "This is the scholarly world we live in now, a world of beauteous fragments that lacks a kaleidoscope, a world of noncausal relationality.
Since the West reproached the East with the fact that the rejection of the filioque leaves the eternal relation between the Son and the Spirit unclear, their attempt aimed at showing that a relationship of origin between the Son and the Spirit is not necessary as long as there is a certain noncausal relation of manifestation between them.
Yet at the same time that Mailer was a Trotskyite, he was also a mystic, as his friend Adeline Lubell Naiman noted: "His nonrationalistic speculation, noncausal thinking really surfaced when he was writing Barbary Shore" (Manso 152).
Consequently, we both avoid the pitfalls of so-called included variable bias (127) and focus on the noncausal relationship between demographic factors and judicial outcomes.
Visioli, "A noncausal approach for PID control", Journal of Process Control, vol.
Conversely, adapting to noncausal events had little effect.