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not having carbonation


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No association was found between diet sodas or noncarbonated sugar-sweetened beverages and telomere length.
At Spartanburg Invista produces polyester used in bottles for carbonated and noncarbonated drinks and food and custom-container applications, and polyester staple fibre and speciality polymers for a variety of applications.
Noncarbonated seawater circulating from the moon's solid core to the surface would stall rather than seep though cracks in the ice because seawater is denser than the icy carapace.
Pepsi-Colaas noncarbonated brands include Tropicana Twister, energy drink Propel, Lipton Ice Tea, Premier and Sting.
Adding to the problem is the dizzying array of fruit drinks, sports drinks, and other noncarbonated soft drinks.
The Bigger, Better Bottle Bill calls for refunded deposits not only for carbonated beverage bottles but for bottles of noncarbonated drinks too.
While the company's mission statement remains "We Sell Soda," the bulk of its growth now comes from noncarbonated beverages, particularly its top-selling bottled water brands in the U.
The company recently expanded into noncarbonated drinks (see SourceMex, 2007-10-31).
Holland, Ohio, USA, uses it to foam PET bottles for noncarbonated beverages.
Normally, this includes noncarbonated beverages and water.
The company said that, moving forward, its capital expenditures as a percentage of sales would increase, and that most of the increased spending will go to expansion in developing and emerging markets and adding manufacturing capacity for Gatorade and other noncarbonated drinks.
Michelle Naughton, Pepsi's associate manager of public relations, said: "Right now we're looking to expand our noncarbonated beverage portfolio.
In sharp contrast, the noncarbonated sector (excluding the juice and juice drinks and water sector) had a strong year, with sales up 6.
Constar International in Philadelphia, a maker of multilayer bottles based on its Oxbar three-layer barrier system used widely in beer, believes the future for noncarbonated products lies in monolayer solutions, according to marketing manager Paul Prinko.
control 75 percent of the nation's distribution of noncarbonated drinks, it is too difficult for a small (by comparison) company to gain entry to crucial marketing outlets, such as the single-serve beverage business in convenience stores.