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someone who has announced they are not a candidate

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This should concern proponents of public financing, because increased noncandidate spending--particularly in a jurisdiction such as Maine, where campaign spending in legislative races is relatively low--can offset some of the advantages of public funding.
Additionally, the glyphosate resistance technology was tested mostly with noncandidate cultivar germplasm lines (Nida et al.
When a noncandidate says something like, "I've always hoped I would someday be able to go into elective office," which he said to me, it's probably a signal of something.
Yes, Coelho and others acknowledged, Gore continues to lead every national poll of Democrats and all of the private and public polls taken in New Hampshire and Iowa--with declared noncandidate Hillary Clinton a consistent No.
Political scientist David Magelby, in a recent book on the impact of soft-money and issue-advocacy advertising in the 1998 elections, concludes that in competitive House and Senate races, voters are "inundated" with communications about the candidates and that "the negative tone of many of the noncandidate ads has the potential to reinforce alienation and cynicism among voters" In several states, party ads were more negative than those run by candidate campaigns.
The clauses following a `;' are tried only if all the clauses that precede the `;' have been found to be noncandidate clauses.
And, finally, when I ran on a similar platform as a noncandidate write-in in New Hampshire in 1992, the write-in votes came in 52 percent Republican, 48 percent Democrat.
And in last fall's statewide races in Virginia, noncandidate Pat Robertson appeared in Democratic-sponsored attack ads as often as the actual Republican contenders.
Input is used for parameter passing, syntactic equality testing, and eliminating noncandidate clauses.
Grace Poe should inhibit herself from the reopening of the Senate investigation into the Mamasapano debacle and let a noncandidate chair the hearing, according to vice presidential candidate Sen.
113-72) conduct the Administrative Fine Program, and expand program coverage to include additional reporting, such as noncandidate committees and independent expenditures S.
No other noncandidate PACs broke into seven figures.
The buzz in Washington this week is not about one of the Democratic or Republican presidential candidates but about newly independent Michael Bloomberg - an averred noncandidate who insists he intends to finish his term as New York City mayor.
The church is not required to invite all candidates to appear if a candidate speaks in a noncandidate capacity.
In a similar way, the only candidate who challenged Ronald Reagan during the 1980 invisible primary was eventual noncandidate Gerald Ford.