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someone who has announced they are not a candidate

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Candidates also might appear weekly in five-minute time slots provided to major party candidates who agree to deliver a statement on a specified weekly topic determined by noncandidate polls.
He is a political neophyte who wants to save our political system, a billionaire who claims to speak for the little guy, an antigovernment crusader who made his fortune on government contracts, and the consummate noncandidate, now actively running for president.
A poll of Democratic voters released last month by Riley and Associates found Kitzhaber leading Kulongoski 27 percent to 25 percent - a statistical tie between a noncandidate and an incumbent who had said he planned to seek re-election and filed as a candidate last week.
In his review, Hamilton found that three companies associated with now-deceased Portland businessman Robert Randall made nine contributions totaling $50,000 to the two noncandidate PACs controlled by Mannix - and that within 24 hours, the two PACs had transferred $25,000 apiece to Mannix's campaign.
Hamilton found other contributions passed through Mannix's noncandidate PACs to mask donors' identities.
In the city of Los Angeles, noncandidate spending in the March 2003 primary was more than 600 percent (6 times) that in the 2001 race and more than 1,000 percent (10 times) that of the 1999 primary.
7 million was spent on the race by all candidates in the 14th District, including $600,000 by third party or noncandidate spending, such as unions.
Overall, a telling nonstatement from a seemingly ambivalent noncandidate.
The deluge of come-ons includes pleas for noncandidates like the Young Texans Legislative Caucus, the Texas House Farm-to-Table Caucus and the Texas Legislative Study Group.
While no difference exists between candidates and noncandidates in terms of their current anti-VEGF therapy, AGN-150998 candidates are significantly more likely to have been started on their current IVT due to expectations of efficacy in slowing vision loss or efficacy in restoring vision, suggesting that surveyed physicians are optimistic that AGN-150998 may provide a superior effect on vision compared to currently available products.
In addition, only the interest in voter equality could support limits on the spending of noncandidates, such as independent committees, that may undertake expenditures in support of or opposition to candidates.
63) It also held that a state could not expand the beneficiaries of the lowest unit policy to include all state candidates and noncandidates (including political committees) and could not extend the policy year-round.
For newspapers, setting co-op advertising goals requires first estimating the total retail revenue minus the obvious noncandidates (such as gas stations), multiplied by .
Though he has never run for public office, Colin Powell remains one of the most attractive noncandidates in American politics.
Bettman wanted to expand the pool of noncandidates to include Lane County Sheriff's department employees because they can work with EPD officers.