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not directly at war

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Three teams applied the ideas in the IW JOC against selected steady-state security posture scenarios to write three concepts of operations (CONOPS) for waging IW in friendly states, hostile states, and nonbelligerent states.
That other Tests and Adventures, such as solo expeditions across the North Pole, likewise carry a risk of death, as do many nonbelligerent activities, what then of the Test and Adventure of War?
China claims that its test was both nonbelligerent and completely legal; on the latter point, that appears mostly correct.
Such actions must proceed inexorably, subject to adjustment only following verifiable pacific initiatives for representative government and nonbelligerent relations with neighbors.
A recent analysis of how six instances of civil unrest ended - in Colombia, Zimbabwe, Greece, Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria, and the American Civil War - suggests that when conflict is primarily of an ethnic, communal character, in contrast to economic and political issues, the likelihood of a negotiated nonbelligerent resolution becomes very slim.
If nonbelligerent people of Irish descent were upset by Notre Dame's nickname or members of the Sons of the Vikings by the football franchise in Minneapolis, then these names should be changed as well.
Finally, try sending a firm, but nonbelligerent, cease-and-desist e-mail.
Militarily, to ensure American territorial integrity and support for alliances to which the nation is committed; to safeguard American citizens against intimidation or attack; to bolster American external interests in concert with political and economic interests, while fostering a nonbelligerent engagement with other states, regions, and alliances.