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Synonyms for nonbeliever

one who habitually or instinctively doubts or questions

Synonyms for nonbeliever

someone who refuses to believe (as in a divinity)

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Displaying the motto has a chilling effect on nonbelievers, she added.
In any case," nonbelievers can say, "no one will know of the evil I am secretly doing.
It would have been easy for a self-proclaimed nonbeliever like D'Antonio to gloat over such developments, but he doesn't.
It is no secret Massimo is a nonbeliever, but he greatly admires the Pope," said the premier's wife, Linda Giuva.
As he began to chart stories from his personal experiences, the Gospels became stranger, the characters reflecting the contradictory nature of Jesus - okay, maybe I can't explain the appeal of these works, maybe as a nonbeliever in a Puritan-based culture there's some combination of vicarious piety and guilty Christian recidivism involved in my fascination with them.
I also found it interesting and inspirational to see how a literary nonbeliever approaches and appreciates the life of Jesus and the stories of Christ.
However, making the pledge optional doesn't eliminate the message that the government is sending to schoolchildren on a daily basis: that true patriots are God-believers and if you're a nonbeliever you simply don't love and support your country to the same degree.
I'm looking for peace around the world - every single person - Jewish, Christian, believer and nonbeliever,'' said Ahmed Ahmed, 49, of Los Angeles, building coordinator at the Islamic Center of Southern California.
This means that no candidate's fitness for office should be judged by whether, where or how often he or she worships, or even whether he or she is a believer or a nonbeliever.
So much for the dated notion that sandals with socks is a dead giveaway for the nonbeliever crowd.
Having lost 100 pounds himself, Reynolds says anyone can do it, pointing to the nonbeliever who tried the program and finished "as an atheist, but thinner.
Spencer Case concludes his potent piece, "Confessions of a Prayer-Struck Atheist" (Philosophically Speaking, September/October 2009), with the opinion that "every serious nonbeliever must take a good hard look at what it is he or she is walking away from.