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the state of not being

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But being's cessation would be possible only if it were possible for nonbeing to be, and that is not possible.
In terms of the work of art, this means that the emphasis shifts away from what the Greeks considered the essence of the work--the fact that it is something passed from nonbeing into being, thus opening the space of truth ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and building a world for man's dwelling on earth --and to the operari of the artist, that is, to the creative genius and the particular characteristics of the artistic process in which it finds expression" (69-70).
is not therefore simply a Tillichian taking nonbeing into ourselves but an orientating of our lives toward the Future Unity that is the world's true foundation.
The individual realizes that existence is an ongoing, cyclical process of nonbeing to being.
12) The "intracreaturely" analogy, which figures prominently in the metaphysics of Aristotle, recognizes a "suspended middle" between creatures that oscillate between being and nonbeing and between act and potency; all creatures come to be and cease to exist according to a common back-and-forth dynamic.
Trials and transitional phases may represent a form of death or nonbeing fin clients (Maglio et al.
It is thus not escape into an alternate reality but rather into the annihilative nonbeing of the withdrawal of one's soul: "I have abandoned myself.
Heidegger treats animality as "nonpower" or "nontruth" or nonBeing and says that animality does have a characteristic of "disturbing, a little frightening, both intimate and terrible," which he associates with the Greek Deinon in Introduction to Metaphysics (242-43).
Her discovery has nothing to do with a premeditated cancellation of who we are, but is, on the contrary, an embrace of the mysterious digit zero that separates being from nonbeing, ruptures from flows, sensuality from norms, desires from concepts, and being-in-the-body from embodying-a-status-quo.
So Armstrong offers up an ineffable, transcendent, unknowable nonbeing, an absence suitable for meditation, even less substantive than a kind-of-power-that's-in-everything.
DAVIDSON Sadie We will place flowers on your grave and what remains of your body, but we will not accept your nonbeing because you have not left.
a sexed category that privileges sexuality at the expense of his or her position in the family-kinship system, thus making the child a nonbeing in Chinese culture" (96).
He had little use for religions and belief systems that promoted states of nonbeing or surrendering to circumstances.
No beginning and no ending means infinite in space and perpetual in time, ultimately there is but nonbeing.