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the state of not being

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between nonbeing and physical destruction, it must (d) be a property
the adjective 'ontic' to include becoming and nonbeing as ontic categories, due to their relation to being.
In other words, this worry prevented participants from engaging in the encounter (May, 1983) with the client by generating a defense to the awareness of nonbeing that the encounter might reflect.
I justify my metaphor of the zone firstly within the Fanonian concept of the zone of nonbeing.
For a brilliant study of this question in the context of Amerindians in Colombia, especially with regard to challenges of human rights, see Julia Suarez Krabbe, "At the Pace of Cassiopeia Being, Nonbeing, Human Rights and Development" (Roskilde, Denmark: Roskilde University School of Intercultural Studies Doctoral Thesis, 2011).
In "Metaphysics" Szymborska concludes her meditation on the inconclusiveness of being and nonbeing with the tasty recollection that at least "today you had a side of fries.
Pakarinen et al, (1988) showed nonbeing change of T3 and also significant decrease in thyroxine (T4) and free thyroxine (fT4) [8].
Why accord a vacuous nonbeing the dignity of a capital letter?
Altizer's death of God theology focuses on the hermeneutics of melancholy as the stigmata in subjectivity of divine nonbeing and pathos.
We do not possess being its elf, but possess being "invaded by nonbeing.
If you want to know how to get rid of age, its sickness, study nonbeing.
In his oratory, Golovkin hailed Peter for leading his metaphorical sons out of the darkness (t'ma) of ignorance into the glory of the world (suet), and from nonbeing into being (iz nebytiia v by tie).
Just as Woolf contrasts the prosaic and the poetic, being (heightened moments) and nonbeing (the everyday), and inwardness with a "materialist style" (conventional realism), so she contrasts trauma and the habitual, the latter "the place where shock is absorbed.
The individual realizes that existence is an ongoing, cyclical process of nonbeing to being.
Confucianism calls it the grand ultimate (raegfik) or the ultimate of nonbeing (muguk); Daoism calls it nature or the Way (to); Buddhism calls it the pure Dharmakaya Buddha.