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(of a structural member) supporting no vertical weight other than its own


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Suite 210, $20,000 to demolish nonbearing walls, reconfigure second floor suite with prefab partitions.
Statistical data on bearing and nonbearing planted acreage, average production, and average price is very useful to the appraiser of permanent plantings in identifying and projecting trends in supply, demand, and commodity prices.
A nonbearing girl the year after puberty would receive a check for $500, the second year $600, and on up to menopause at 53, when she would be getting about $4,500 per year.
12,000 for nonbearing office wails within suite 111.
Lightly head back young shoots of nonbearing but vigorous trees.
From 1985/86 to 1989/90, bearing acreage of avocado trees in California hovered around 75,000 acres, but nonbearing acreage dropped steadily as commercial and urban needs increased competition for land.
These estimates exclude any acreage of nonbearing age.
Apatov cut a 4- by 5-foot hole in the nonbearing wall between bedroom and stairwell, framed in a header and sill, and installed a plywood box that spans the stairwell.
With the help of a contractor, they took out the kitchen ceiling and the nonbearing dining room wall; they also opened the breakfast area to the entry hall by replacing the wall and doors with a 4-by-10 beam.
To build the two display shelves at top center, Los Angeles architects Prats/Coffee cut into nonbearing walls a triangular niche at a corner (backed by a closet) and a 9-inch-deep, 14-inch-high linear opening along a hall.
Rather than position the well so as to light only the hall, the designer let it cut into the living room ceiling, 18 inches beyond the shared, nonbearing wall.
Krause replaced a flat, nonbearing wall with a curved one that begins in the dining room and swoops through the rest of its arc in the kitchen.
The Eastins eliminated mostly nonbearing walls that had defined the original kitchen, pantry, laundry, maid's room and bath, and miscellaneous nooks.
It also encourages learning as much as possible about the existing structure: bearing walls are more expensive to move than nonbearing ones; roofs may need reinforcing if you want to open a ceiling or remodel an attic.