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(of peoples and political bodies) controlled by outside forces


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Valls: Stable manifolds for nonautonomous equations without exponential dichotomy, J.
Nonautonomous people (71) are accustomed to having others direct their lives, to living under a feudal system of influence-seeking rather than a legal system that protects their rights, and to seeing political democracy as a means of increasing economic advantage at someone else's expense through redistributive policies rather than as a means of protecting and promoting economic growth.
This may be due to the fact that students in the "High motivation profile" also experienced higher levels of nonautonomous regulations.
Exact solutions to nonlinear nonautonomous space-fractional diffusion equations with absorption.
Spectral theory for random and nonautonomous parabolic equations and applications.
Periodic solutions for a two-species nonautonomous competition system with diffusion and impulses, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 32(2007): 1916-1926.
Pseudo-almost periodicity of some nonautonomous evolution equations with delay, Nonlinear Analysis, in press.
The problem has been solved quite effectively for periodic single-term nonautonomous delay equations.
So Trilling's Keats is surprisingly close to the "postliberal self" that McGowan envisions: "The resulting self is the product of a process, is radically nonautonomous, but is differentiated from other selves and possesses an identity that unifies its disparate experiences, guides the presentation of the self to others, and forms the context for the various choices that the self makes.
Otherwise the lawyer is rendered nonautonomous and becomes an unwilling accomplice to a client's morally objectionable conduct.
Women who have been or ever want to be pregnant know or at least contemplate, in a way men may never, a fundamentally nonautonomous state of being.
The Ilongot "self" is described as relatively undifferentiated, decidedly nonautonomous, and contained within an alternative moral/ethical system.
the argument that professionals are becoming low status nonautonomous workers.
17) The term "woman" is thus marked through its use as the descriptor of the nonautonomous, cipher, chattel, object, or wife whose presence is necessary to allow the continuance of male privilege/patriarchal society.