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(of peoples and political bodies) controlled by outside forces


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This automation does not seem markedly less susceptible to hacking and subversion, and the presence of autonomy may make a system more resilient than an equally computerized but less internally controlled nonautonomous weapon system.
What if an individual uses an autonomous Uber twice a week but drives a nonautonomous vehicle otherwise?
which differ from policies in nonautonomous regions.
are still primarily automated, nonautonomous systems.
20) This is not meant to deny that people can and do lead good lives in nonautonomous societies.
First, students with extrinsic and nonautonomous motivation might not defer their study actively but procrastinate passively.
Fukuyama affirms that a completely autonomous bureaucracy sets its own goals independently of the political principal, whereas a nonautonomous or subordinated bureaucracy is micromanaged by the principal.
The Lyapunov theorem on the behavior of solutions of a nonautonomous differential system in a neighborhood of a periodic solution with corresponding multivalued variational equation (with J.
Accordingly, it is part of the expenditure of the insurance enterprises sector and other sectors administering nonautonomous pension funds (see ESA 1995, paragraph 4.
Valls: Stability of Nonautonomous Differential Equations, Lecture Notes in Math.
For Bourdieu's most developed account of the cultural field as defined by a stark opposition between "autonomous" and nonautonomous subfields, corresponding to "pure" and "commercial" art, see Les regles de l'art: Genese et structure du champ litteraire (Paris: Seuil, 1992).
characterizations of offenders with mental illnesses as nonautonomous,
He points out that such an approach classifies many ordinary life activities as nonautonomous and thus unworthy of the respect we give to autonomous actions.
DaCunha, Lyapunov stability and Floquet theory for nonautonomous linear dynamic systems on time scales, PhD dissertation, (2004), Baylor University.