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Synonyms for nonattender

someone who shirks duty

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However, a significant difference did emerge when the invited group was broken down into attenders and nonattenders.
Cancer Anxiety and Attitudes toward Mammography among Screening Attenders, Nonattenders, and Women Never Invited.
Attenders and nonattenders at childbirth education classes in Australia: how do they and their births differ?
Possible explanations for deaths due to cervical cancer in East Riding and Hull area and proposed actions to prevent potential deaths Possible explanations Estimated extent Nonattenders 11% of invitees in 1998 Inadequate smears 18% deaths Diagnostic problems 12% deaths Communication delays ?
This finding is consistent with that of David Larson and colleagues who studied the relationship between religion and hypertension by comparing mean blood pressure levels for church-attending smokers and nonsmokers with the blood pressure levels of smoking and nonsmoking nonattenders.