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Synonyms for nonattendance

failure to be present

Antonyms for nonattendance

the failure to attend

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Furthermore, given that non-attendance at out-patient clinics is estimated to cost 65 [pounds sterling] (97 [euro])/incident, the cost of sending SMS text message reminders is a simple and cost-effective way to improve nonattendance at Paediatric Dental out-patient clinics [Geraghty et al.
I was also told that my GP had been informed of my nonattendance.
And it seems to me almost immoral to jail a parent for their child's nonattendance while telling them that their child's underage sex or abortion is none of their business.
With North Korea itself and its key ally China having said earlier they will not take part, Russia's nonattendance would mean the absence of half the members of the six-nation talks on the North Korean nuclear issue, undermining solidarity in the dialogue process, which has been stalled since November.
Both players cited fatigue after their five-set Rome Masters final epic on Sunday, which Nadal won, as the reason for their nonattendance.
Susan Chorley, 37, of Gladstone Street, St Helens, was jailed for two months after pleading guilty to the nonattendance of her two children.
Collecting the cash will require even more NHS administrators, especially when the Government announces the inevitable target for Collection of Unpaid NonAttendance At Appointments Fines.
This delay resulted in my daugh-ter being discharged for nonattendance by the hospital,despite explaining the circumstances,and now having to wait to be rereferred.
Connell was apparently so irked that she had staff members call to harangue reporters about their nonattendance.
With the highest nonattendance rates in the UK, 400,000 don't turn up on an annual basis.