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not associative

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Nadirashvili, Tkachev, and Vladut present students, academics, and mathematicians with a collection of applications of noncommutative and nonassociative algebras, used to construct unusual solutions to nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations of the second order.
In the following, we are mainly concerned about some possible nonassociative analogues of the quaternions and octonions.
To control the plastic dilatation, a nonassociative How rule is introduced where a Raghava-like plastic potential [g.
a higher number of rearings 24 h later), which indicates impairment to nonassociative, spatial and non-aversive learning, with this dose.
Tolerance to morphine in the rat: Associative and nonassociative effects.
A nonassociative explanation of conditioning effects in the visual evaluative conditioning paradigm.
Greater quantities of thickener lead to higher viscosities at higher shear rates, a universality with lower molecular weight nonassociative W-S Ps.
Implicit, or nondeclarative, memory is memory for motor skills and other tasks and is expressed through performance, without conscious recall of past experience; it includes simple associative forms, such as classical conditioning, and nonassociative forms, such as sensitization and habituation.
Such examples of nonassociative learning mechanisms have led scientists to argue that there is no unitary learning process at the computational level of analysis.
The results are more consistent with nonassociative models of phobia acquisition than with traditional etiologic theories involving conditioning or social transmission," they said.
Unearthing the nonassociative origins of fears and phobias: A rejoinder.
We tallied nonassociative behavior when the female abruptly left the flower on a line, notably reducing the male's opportunity for further interaction with her.
Many papers evidenced a passive, nonassociative view of democracy.
Note that nonassociative sequences, though syntactically unbounded, are limited in size by semantic or pragmatic considerations.