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not associative

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Carew at Yale University and his co-workers have applied this developmental approach to the study of nonassociative learning in Aplysia, a marine snail whose adult form became famous in pioneering studies of the molecular basis of memory (SN: 1/22/83, p.
The simplest approach is to minimize the use of associative thickeners and, in their place, use nonassociative thickeners such as hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC).
The FAST procedure improves upon the implicitness of other popular measures, through its use of a nonassociative methodology.
They persist as important objects of study, among other reasons, because they catalog all possible ways to multiply objects in the domain and range of a function f, when both have nonassociative multiplication rules.
Imbedding of Lie algebras in nonassociative structures.
The objectives of this paper are to clarify the dispersion/flocculation behavior of pigments thickened with associative thickeners, compare with nonassociative systems, and link this behavior to the film properties of gloss and hiding for both HEUR- and HASE-thickened systems.
In the simpler case of nonassociative solutions, one observation of elastomer swell in each pure solvent is sufficient.
In this study, pastel and deep-tone tint bases were formulated with associative and nonassociative thickeners.
It is unlikely that the obtained depression was caused by nonassociative processes, because our previous study that used the same saccharin CS and running US as employed here (Hayashi et al.
The original motivation to introduce the class of nonassociative algebras known as Jordan algebras came from quantum mechanics (see [?
Fedors equation has been reported to hold up to moderate polymer concentrations for nonassociative polymers [18-20].
In this study, a 108- or a 600-nm latex was thickened with a nonassociative thickener, hydroxyethyl cellulose, or an associative telechelic HEUR thickener.
When implicit cognition is viewed as relational, rather than strictly associative, an alternative, nonassociative measure of implicit attitudes quickly becomes possible.
Good dispersion leads to optical properties, such as gloss and hiding, that are superior to nonassociative thickener systems.