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not aggressively self-assured, though not necessarily lacking in confidence

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Patients with conversion disorder reported significantly more vindictive/self-centered, nonassertive, overly-accommodating and cold/distant behaviours as compared to those with GMDs.
For instance, the Accountant is nonassertive and controls emotions.
Participants unanimously described that they had been culturally socialized to be nonassertive, non-confrontational, and modest, while stressing the value of avoiding conflicts and maintaining interpersonal harmony.
He felt a quiet manhood, nonassertive but of sturdy and strong blood.
Overall the cultural principles and communication strategies preferred and reflected by COOCs in their commentary responses to life predicaments of Chinese overseas fit the nonassertive accommodation co-cultural communication orientation as identified by Orbe and Spellers (2005).
As can be observed in Figure 5, assertive modality is, quite consistently, the preferred expression of events and situations in the -ing supplementives in the data, but its distribution is not wholly homogeneous across the corpus, as one of the extracts -the opening section of David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest- presents a similar presence of assertive and nonassertive predicates (49.
Executing the strategy in a global environment dominated by the United States ultimately reveals it is a defensive and nonassertive strategy in nature.
These same females, however, did not expect equal treatment by their spouses and tended to be nonassertive in conflicts.
Assertiveness reflects "beliefs as to whether people should be encouraged to be assertive, aggressive, and tough, or nonassertive, non-aggressive, and tender
Drivers need to learn that the nonassertive bus driver and the hostile bus driver will exacerbate discipline issues.
In fact, it is just as well that Manmohan appointed a low profile, nonassertive person like S.
Both of these chairs have been generally referred to as being nonassertive, weak and who have also collaborated with the administration in terms of the department losing its space and its resources.
three discrimination management categories: nonassertive, social
Avoidant individuals hold distrustful perceptions of others (Carranza & Kilmann, 2000; Collins & Read, 1990; Feeney & Noller, 1990), turn anger and blame against others (Sharpsteen & Kirkpatrick, 1997), and tend to be shy, nonassertive, and distant (Bartholomew & Horowitz, 1991).
The exotic qualities of her environment, her nonassertive forms and her personal humility make it very possible for the viewer to pay disproportionate attention to these trappings the way listeners ascribe good fortune and 'chance' to the agreeable confluence of notes played by a facile jazz musician.